Let’s Bail Out A Role Model

_20160905_125214Unlike many young Gambians, Mustapha Manneh has no plans to use perilous backway journey to Europe in search of a dream he cannot realise at home. Manneh, a native of Kartong in Kombo South, decides to enroll at the Gambia Technical Training Institute where he bags a diploma in Community Development. He stayed home to help his community by creating awareness through activism and information dissimation. Manneh voluntarily mans the Kartong Weekly News [www.kartongnews.com] as well as regularly organises community events through his nongovernmental organisation, Their Voice Must Be Heard. His activism has taken him to schools and communities, stressing the importance of girls education. Despite financial hardship, Mustapha has been balancing community work with his study commitments.

“Young people around the world are making great things happening,” Manneh said. “We are no longer sitting down waiting to become leaders tomorrow. We are ensuring that we are leaders today.” This is why Mustapha wants to further his education. The search for education takes him to the University of Lefke in Cyprus where he is awarded half one year scholarship to study undergraduate International Relations program. 

“Being awarded the chance to study further in my field is an incredible opportunity for me and I intend to seize the opportunity wholeheartedly without reservation,” he said.

Manneh doesn’t doubt his ability to prove himself. “I have consistently proven myself in my previous studies and work experience. I believe that studying this programme will offer me a unique opportunity to learn, network and adopt best lessons and practices from around the world as well as share my experience with others. I believe in working hard to represent myself and reward those who grant me a chance to excel.”

Manneh’s challenge at hand is how to raise $3,000 US dollars to cover the cost the tuition fees.

He therefore appeals for help to further his education. “This will enhance my competence, knowledge and understanding of the world. My goal has always been to have positive impact on people’s lives. This program will help me learn about the world, others and share my experience with them.”

If all goes well, Manneh will leave for Cyprus on September 26th, 2016.

It behooves on us to help a young man who has proven to be a role model for our youger generation. We can only do well when the future is bright for our youger generation. Mustapha is a unique young Gambian with a clear vision and mission. Those who want to help him pursue his educational goals can do so through this link: https://www.youcaring.com/mustapha-manneh-635011

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