Senior NIA Officer Nabbed With Drug

pixlrA senior officer of national Intelligent Agency was arrested by members of National Drugs Control Agency after over 800 kilograms of cannabis sativa was found in his possession. Until his arrest and subsequent detention Lamin Touray alias Mosquito the was third in command at Tanji NIA Office. Touray is believed to a known drug smuggler from the Southern Senegal to the Gambia. He is said to be operating or carrying cannabis for major Nuha Badjie and other members of the notorious jugglers, Yahya Jammeh’s killer squad. Mosquito ran out of luck forthnight ago while driving in official car of the Speaker of the National Assembly Abdoulie Bojang. He had eight bags in the vehicle all filled with over ten kilo gram of cannabis. 

However, the Speaker of the National Assembly acted against norms or laws of drugs when he walked into drugs Control Agency’s Office and took away his official car. Laws of the drugs Act specifically stated that vehicles and properties used in selling or transportation of drugs shall be forfeited to the State.

Lamin Touray is now transfered to Mile II central prison until his fate is decided by the belligerent government.

Many people who spoke to our reporter observed that Touray has been abandoned by both major Nuha Badjie and speaker Bojang who are believed to be in complicity with Lamin Touray.

In a separate development, Sulayman (commonly called Saul) Sambou who was implicated in the murder of opposition activist Ebrima Solo Sandeng is also in security detention after he was caught with huge amount of cannabis sativa. Both men have yet to be charged or appeared in court.


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  1. So-called speaker Abdoulie Bojang is an addict consumer of cannabis sativa; though along side ensuring avail of his personal supplies he might have other incentives realised from the collusion accorded in lending use of his car…

    Abdoulie, Fabakary Tombong Jatta & co are the real active enablers aid abetting MURDEROUS kanilai cannibalisation of the Gambia & human beings; unless & until Abdoulie isn’t useful for the dirty kanilai empire services anymore, he & fellow DEVILISH elements will temporarily getaway with whatever crimes being committed…

    The records are being taken, & will be set straight in post dictatorship; when the REAL criminals will account for any crimes & violence committed, facilitated & aid-abetted under the MURDEROUS kanilai IDOLATROUS DEVIL; Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia…

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