First Gambian Woman Declares To Be An Independent Presidential Candidate

Most educated women have been active onlookers of the political arena of our nation for many decades. Over the recent history of the Gambia, citizens have overcome the myths about womanhood and realize that indeed as equal citizens women have responsibility to salvage the country from its current state of affairs. The emergence of Dr. Isatou Touray as Independent Presidential Candidate for the 2016 election is to take up the moral responsibility to safe the country from the need of leadership and direction. Dr. Touray is inspired and motivated by Gambians from different political and religious persuasions, their desire for change in the face of immense economic hardship, restrictions on our fundamental freedom and personal liberty. It is in context that Dr. Isatou Touray is sponsored by individual Gambians who believe that it is possible to have non-violent change through the democratic process to have a better Gambia.

As an Independent Presidential Candidate, Dr. Touray has the belief and conviction that we can bring about change for a better Gambia by directing our efforts and political capital towards one end – the singular pragmatic goal of ushering in a new and third republic that brings progress by building strong democratic instruments and institutions, repealing the obnoxious laws that restrict our freedom and liberty, building a strong economy, and levelling the political playing field for all political parties, so that the sovereign will of Gambians will always prevail in their choice of leadership.

Concerned with the predicaments of the young people, she feels it is time to salvage the current situation they find themselves and forge a new and promising direction to bring hope and fruitfulness to their lives as the leaders to be.

Dr. Isatou Touray is cognizant of the compelling need to come together as one in the symbol of the broom that serves as the emblem of her campaign. Dr. Touray believes that “We are Stronger Together for a Better Gambia,” and that Gambians should not miss opportunity of history in the making to nurture a democratic culture in The Gambia. As Gambians we are possessed by our individuality, but bound together in the spirit of unity and focused on one goal to bring change for progress in the Gambia.

According to Dr. Isatou Touray, Gambians have the ability to change our condition as a nation if we see ourselves in a bigger picture of The Gambia First, because we are part of the Gambia, no matter what gender, religion or ethnic groups we belong to. Our Diversity is our Beauty and Strength as Gambians.

Dr. Isatou Touray was born on the 17th March 1955 at the Royal Victoria Hospital and raised in a working-class home at 44 Grant Street in Banjul, The Gambia. Her father, Sunkaru Jarra, was born and raised in Kaur Janneh Kunda and her mother Haddy Konteh a native of Bundungka Kunda. She is married to Dr Alhagie A.M Touray a native of Kartong and they have four children.

For Further Information, Contact:
Amie Bojang-Sissoho Campaign Team Manager and Convenor of the Event
Dr. Isatou Touray, Independent Presidential Candidate Campaign 2016
Kombo North
Tel: 00-220- 7272344 or 00- 220-3344487



  1. This is another added dimension to the reclaim struggle of our nation; evidently the Gambian woman has equally owned the liberation struggle selflessly as witnessed under the MURDEROUS BARBARIC kanilai FIEFDOM all along; particularly in the recent Political Reforms Demonstrations & beyond…

    There must be room for consensus somewhere along the way hopefully; the guarantee for a ‘Gambia for ALL’ must be the motivational incentive to disagree to agree towards the options in the reclaim struggle for better Gambia for humanity at large…

    There’s NO way, for the Gambia MUST be rescued from current predicaments by ALL & ANY means NECESSARY until successful; either by the ballot or bullet; collectively we have a destiny to choose which way to achieve accomplishment…

    All liberation committed Gambians & presidential aspirants must consult & engaged in earnest to pave the way for collective realisation of the Goal quicker…

    Long live the Gambia…

  2. No doubt , Dr Touray has good resume and is well qualify for the job of presidency . However , she lack political experience. Political experience is indeed an important asset for the unity of opposition parties and the country. Dr Touray’s international recognition , local connections with women folks and experience in traditional and indigenous Gambians in indeed remarkable and is added advantage for her candidacy.
    However , mr Barrow has the political experience, local connections, business experience as well as knows the inner working of economy and he has been fighting for democracy and constitutionalism for the past 22 years . I hope and pray that Dr Touray quickly align herself with udp and she agree to be part of udp led coalition for the sake of our country. Udp is all inclusive party. This is demonstrated by the party make up and leadership. Dr Touray and Mrs secka should team up with entire opposition parties to galvanize citizens to support udp led coalition. Fringe opposition leaders like Halifa and Ahmad bah should be encouraged to join udp led coalition . Even untrustworthy and inexperience candidate like kandeh who has never manage or lead anything in his entire life should be encouraged in any broad discussion for udp led coalition .

  3. There are all signs of the Gambia star about to twinkle, ‘the greatest happiness of the greatest numbers’.

    God Almighty guide all those on that path.

  4. I wish to salute Dr Isatou Touray for her courage and confidence in declaring her interest in a field dominated by men for so long, and I wish her all the best in the coming elections..

    She has certainly proven her capabilities, dedication, patriotism and love for the country, during her long years of service to our nation, particularly in those issues that affect women and the girl child..

    I think we may have a compromise, all opposition candidate here, especially given her promise to serve only one term…

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