Breaking News: Adama Barrow Is UDP’s Candidate

_20160901_093244The opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has named Adama Barrow as it presidential candidate. Barrow, 51, is the party’s deputy Treasurer who has been a very strong and committed executive member for a long time. He is also a successful business man who manages lots of private estates. Barrow’s strong support among grassroots supporand party militants have all qualified him to battle it out with an incumbent seeking for a fifth term in office. Adama Barrow, a resident of Old Yumdum in the West Coast Region, hails from Mankamang Kunda in the Upper River Region.



  1. Congrats to Mr Adama Barrow, UDP Presidential Candidate for 2016..

    I hope the opposition can still find common ground and agree to rally around and present a single candidate, but failing that, I would seize this opportunity to wish each and every opposition candidate all the best at the polls.

  2. Congrats mr Barrow . You have demonstrated a patriotism in your life and showed enterpreneurism. As a leader , if you are elected, you will be able to apply your entrepreneurial and business skills to improve our economy for everyone irrespective of political affiliations, tribe and region which Jammeh has denied Gambians . Being able to manage a lot of private estates without any corruption and your background has indeed qualify you to lead our country in better direction . As Gambians learn more details about qualifications, I hope other contestants or candidates Join forces with you to fight for change . I hope Dr Touray who I highly respect , join udp to bring about necessary change . I would even suggest that she should join udp and run as Vice Presidential candidate. Barrow-Touray ticket will galvanize Gambians to vote udp. Mr sallah should be given the position of minister of higher education and research or presidential affairs minister while mr Bah should be given the position of tourism . In another words , mr Barrow-Touray government should be a government of national unity which should compromise of all major opposition parties . I do not trust mr kandeh based on who he is as jammeh’s former supporter , so we should be more cautious about him.

    • Something is with you! Your pathetic ideas, wishful thinking and bigotry remains the comments column. Halifa Sallah is credible political leader, doyen in Gambian politics and Presidency bid stands out strong among the competitors. He has presented an excellent manifesto and is unstoppable.

      This is about destiny of the nation and electorates (franchise citizens) will settle it. You don’t control the narrative, issues and dynamics at play towards December 2016. 2001 Election cycle was not 1996, 2006 was different from both (2001 & 1996), 2011 also different with previous (2006, 2001 & 1996 respectively). We are witnessing amazingly things beyond our imagination because Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is in control.

      “Burr Yalla moye dogal”!

    • Now that the udp has chosen a flagbearer the next is to bring the party’s programs and policies and enough of other political parties not participating in the “peaceful protest”

      • Do you support or atleast sympathise the Udp? I don’t care you are Bakx, Dawuda, Malanj or Bambo.

      • Peaceful protest was the best opportunity for the country to have political change but pdois refused to participate. Udp made ultimate sacrifice for the country and they have been doing that for the past 22 years . Can you say that your party made equal sacfrice in terms of number of death , imprisonment , illegal detention, disappearances and exiled. Please stop the hypocrisy and have decency to speak the truth.

  3. I applaud the ingenuity of Halifa as a brilliant political strategist. Some of the ideas that he proffers which on second thought appear unworkable, and to some unrealistic, may in the end be the conventional wisdom.

    Halifa starts with the premise that power belongs to the people. And since the people are not a monolithic group the power that is inherent in them is govern by diverse interest. This diverse interest necessitates a convergence of some mutually shared common interest that tip the balance of scale so that some people will have more power than others. And those who have more power and translate it into votes in an election will surely win.

    What am I saying? People belong to political parties or support them. The power of the people exercise through their franchise as voters in an election empower political parties engaged in a contest to win. The political party that has the most votes win and is elected into office. In this case the APRC has the most votes in all our elections and have been elected into office.

    As it stands with all the opposition political parties contesting on their own they simply cannot win the APRC.

    People who belong to political parties or support them will vote for those political parties. And since the opposition vote is divided between the different opposition political parties, the probability of one of the opposition parties winning against the APRC is very low, except in cases where there is a mass defection from the APRC to the other parties.

    Now consider Halifa’s theory. Let all the opposition political parties go out and campaign and build and strengthen their political bases, and even convince those others who are apathetic. And others from the APRC support base. The combination of all these support and political base votes if given to one opposition presidential candidate will surely do the trick. But then there should be one opposition presidential candidate.

    Will the opposition parties form a coalition and select one presidential candidate?

    Any semblance of a party-led or independent-led that does not go through a process of selection or election by the totality of the opposition political parties will be a defeatist approach. The people will go back to their diverse interest and to the political parties that they belong or support. .

    • Clearly you very well knew that you made nonsensical talk which was why you asked ” what am I saying “

      • What is your query? I will get back to you.

        • Kamalo Don’t waste your time with this arrogant dude with his NONSENSE and incoherent arguments helping with another easy win for Jammeh/APRC December 2016.


          Kamalo Don’t come back wasting your time and energy sir please! Leave him with his empty rhetoric, cheap and false propaganda!

        • Are you in the studio ridght now making blueprints?
          You are not the worst distortionist I know in the Kairo news forums…..

          I don’t know of @Max’s query but my query is about people who have seen a constitutionality in the Afprc’s rigging of votes for the past two decades.

          Do the opposition parties have their fair share of air time on both the radio and tv and is thier any freedom of expression in the Gambia?

          Can three trhousand people walk in the streets and manifest; ‘Yaya Jammeh Step Down’?

          Do you agree to the fact that a civil democratic process has been trampled upon when soldiers overthrew a civilian elected goverment in the Gambia and do you see the need for other constitutional means of redoing that national tragedy other than speaking and writing?

  4. Continue bickering and competition of “I know better than you” (& “Me” “Me” “Me”) until December 2016 elections are over; denying entire UDP leadership and all political prisoners freedom!

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