How Mama Kandeh’s Emergence Dampens Jammeh’s Spirits

The emergence of an opposition presidential candidate in the person of Mama Kandeh has left Gambians caught up in a vigorous debate. While supporters see the new man as the saviour in waiting, opponents cast doubts on Mama Kandeh’s genuineness. They view him as a front cover for Yahya Jammeh. Mama’s failure to stand tall with the oppressed leadership of the United Democratic Party and a key member of his Gambia Democratic Congress Tina Faal have all been used against him. But his surrogates are convinced that their candidate deserves a chance for bringing new energy and enthusiasm into Gambian politics. For them, the former Jimara APRC lawmaker’s crowd speaks for itself. Still opponents have problem with many issues, including Mama Kandeh’s willingness to give amnesty to Yahya Jammeh, the man whose hands are filled with innocent Gambian blood.

In the light of the above, Kairo News decides to put its Banjul correspondent to investigate whether Mama Kandeh’s presidential bid has anything to do with Yahya Jammeh. His investigation has proven that Mama might have a hidden agenda but he has absolutely nothing to do with his former party leader.

One ruling party source says “the president has been at pains for being lied to that Mama Kandeh has no political clout or muscle, which is not the case. He saw a totally different story while crossing Brikama. The has been hauling insults for one week after seeing Mama’s large crowd.”

Mr. Jammeh fears that Kandeh’s bid will weaken him because his party becomes the biggest casualty. He believes that bulk of his (Mama’s) supporters come from the APRC. “Jammeh is scared to the bone that opposition victory is guaranteed when you have Mama in the ring. He doesn’t think Mama will win but it will help opposition UDP to win the December election with a simple majority. Kandeh has shattered Jammeh’s coalition,” a State House source tells Kairo News. 

Our sources say Mayor Yankuba Colley’s earlier statements about Mama Kandeh have been done out of fear. Our correspondent is convinced that Jammeh’s pre-occupation is how to destroy Mama Kandeh.



  1. Beside UDP. Yaya Jammeh doesn’t worry about any political party at all. In fact he created some of them. The only thing Yaya Jammeh worries about on election day is IEC and its chairman, Daily Observer, and GRTS. And I think one can safely say that he is in control of all of that.
    Notion that he is worried about aid and abetting elements in our political field is complete nonsense.

  2. “Jammeh is scared to the bone that opposition victory is guaranteed when you have Mama in the ring. He doesn’t think Mama will win but it will help opposition UDP to win the December election with a simple majority. Kandeh has shattered Jammeh’s coalition,” a State House source tells Kairo News. = JUST UDP PROPAGANDA!

    December 2016 is another golden opportunity for opposition from but media and partisanship propaganda is blowing it; without promoting united front. Another term for Jammeh/APRC imminen because of partisanship, selfishness, greed and power struggle. Why can’t you be ready to sacrifice everything just to get rid of this monstrous puppet regime with a bloody arrogant despot?




    • Note error above on this statement!

      “December 2016 is another golden opportunity for opposition front but media and partisanship propaganda is blowing it; without promoting united front.”

    • Dawda , Allah will save The Gambia if we speak the truth , accept the truth and stop the hypocrisy. Democracy is about the majority which is why udp party led coalition should be our focus . Pdois never have more than 4 % of the votes which means they have the least chance of winning. You Guys are not ready for change because of your party leadership business interest. Party led coalition is what is sensible, practical and proven to be effective every where . Please stop the hypocrisy by invoking Allah to save our country when you refused to accept the truth . Udp has sacrificed a lot for our country . As we speak the entire party executives are in prison instead of talking about their release and justice for them , you and your party leadership and other fringe opposition parties are busy looking for political recognition and votes . Udp must lead any coalition because they have the proven record that they care for our people. Mama kandeh is going to give amnesty to Jammeh and all his killers . I don’t trust him and he cannot be trusted based on who he is . Trusting mama is just like giving your soul to devil you already know . I even prefer Halifa than mama because Halifa is a dishonest politician but mama kandeh is deadly politician with fake smile and hidden agenda. In either case both of them are not good option for our country . Halifa is an agent for dictatorship while mama is among the the key players for entrenchment of dictatorship.

  3. If UDP leadership is listening, They should not take part in the upcoming election which is already decided.

    And that they should continue demanding Solo Sandeh’s body dead or alive.

    And demand unconditional release of all their kidnapped hostages with immediate effect.

    And no coalition with political opportunists.

    • And if the releases (of leadership & body of deceased) are not secured, what are you proposing beyond that…?

      • Very simple Bax ! The struggle continues until their release is secured. Remember thier is no easy fix in this proble , but UDP to participate in elections while the entire party leadership hold hostag , and the body of a man who gave his life for the party and the country as whole is not released, is not just encouraging impunity , but given Yaya Jammeh an amnesty for all his crimes .
        My suggestion is after above conditions are met , Then the case would be file in the high court of Gambia and other courts as well , to lunch an investigation into the death of Solo, and tuloture of others. But at the same time countinue campaigning for electoral reforms, and reach out to other parties lobby their suport to leade in 2021 selection because this one is over and desided we are waiting for official confirmematin for international recognition.

        Now what are you suggesting ?

        • I can understand the argument for abstention until demands are met and its a very powerful one, but I also think that the argument for participation are equally powerful.

          There is no doubt that many people are yearning for change and the best and most realistic option to achieve that, at the moment, is through elections, regardless of how unfair and unbalanced the playing field is..

          Don’t you think it would be a betrayal of trust, confidence and dampening of hope for the thousands that support the UDP in the past and have invested so much time and efforts into 2016, as well as, those new voters who may want to vote for their (UDP) candidate, if they abstained from the elections, altogether..?

          I am sure that the UDP Leadership in jail are cognisant of these arguments and would have taken the decision to contest the elections, after careful deliberation and conviction that participation, rather than abstention, is the right thing to do..

          And personally, I think the political playing field must never again be abdicated because that would only strengthen Jammeh’s hands and cast doubt on the opposition’s desire, ability and determination to fight this “battle”.

          A warrior must always find a way around obstacles in his/her path otherwise, he/she will be stuck in one place for good, and.when.your adversary is someone like Yaya Jammeh, he will only create more obstacles if you show him that you can’t find a way round him.

          Let’s find a way round Yaya Jammeh and the more collaboration between us, the easier it will be for us and the harder for him.

    • Good point, because under such circumstances the party is in now, they should not take part in any election with out the body of solo and release of all detainees