Waa Granted Presidential Amnesty

juwaraPresident Yahya Jammeh has granted amnesty to the Gambia’s firebrand opposition politician, Kairo News sources confirm. Lamin Waa Juwara, a former Local Government Minister and Governor in the Jammeh government, was jailed for six months after Magistrate Omar Cham of Banjul found him guilty of negligence of duty on April 18 this year. Mr. Juwara, also the leader of National Democratic Action Movement, was on May 11 last year acquitted and discharged on abuse of office charges.

Juwara was admitted at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital on June 18th after his health had deteriorated in Mile II Prisons.
He is believed to have been diagnosed with hypertension, which is why his family does not him to return to prison.

“We do not really want him to go back to the prison because of his illness as he gets regular attacks,” Foroyaa quoted Waa’s family as saying.

The 73-year-old politician was formerly the Propaganda Secretary of the United Democratic Party until he broke ranks with the party. Juwara was earlier jailed for a year on sedition charges stemming from his 2004 interview with The Independent calling on Gambians to take to the streets. He was illegally detained for over 13 months and tortured during the transition from military to civilian rule.



  1. It’s no “amnesty”; there’s NO single shred of justice, sympathy &/ benevolence in murderous yaya KILLER DEVIL of kanilai…

    Waa Juwara hasn’t commit any crime at least from what he’s alleged to be incarcerated for; he’s only released not to die in captivity with the surmounted pressure our kanilai KILLER DEVIL is currently faced with…

    I praying for Waa’s health & life (us all) but he’s none to blame much but himself for the predicaments he faced since dinning with yaya KILLER DEVIL; after all the physical attempts on his life by yaya KILLER Jammeh & murderous cohorts before…

  2. I fear worst for mr Juwara. Jammeh has been done with him and now that he is between life and death , Jammeh has no choice but to release him before we have another political assisnation. Juwara is in very critical condition due to his poor health and tortured met out on him .

  3. Muhammad sanyang

    If you must dine with the devil always use a long spoon. Waa chose a short one and now the devil has done its job.