Another Opposition Pillar Is Gone

_20160815_113125The death of another opposition strong pillar has once again vindicated critics that the Jammeh government does not care about human life. One does not expect another detainee in state custody to die recklessly. Gambians expect hard lessons to be learnt from unexplained cold-blooded murders of opposition activist Ebrima Solo Sandeng and trade unionist Sheriff Dibba.

The death of Ebrima Solo Krummah, the deputy chairman of the United Democratic Party in Sandu, was too shocking for anyone to accept. The government waited until Krummah’s sickness went out of control before rushing him to the hospital. And to add fuel to the burning fire, Krummah’s family and party officials were denied access to him. He was denied food and medication provided by his family. Krummah’s family was not also contacted for approval before conducting a survey that took his life was conducted on him. Who then can convince Gambians that their government values human life? So many Gambian lives have been wasted by a government whose leadership swore to protect even children yet to be born.

The two latest victims – Ebrima Solo Sandeng and Ebrima Krummah’s – have died defending the rights of their oppressed people. The duowill be remembered for their bravery and selfishness in their efforts to free Gambians from the yokes of slavery. Unfortunately, the government has so far not set up a Coroner’s Inquest to probe into these deaths. What Yahya Jammeh and his partners in crime does not understand is that people are taking note of all their crimes. So no attempt to bury evidence will succeed.

Krummah was arrested, detained and arraigned in court for protesting against an illegal crackdown on the UDP. Krummah and his May 9th protesters were denied bail and remanded in both Jan Jan Bureh and Mile II Central Prisons. His cell mates described the Sandi Darsilameh native as “very pious, faithful down to earth man.”

Krummah’s call to Gambians on May 9th was clear: come out and fight against dictatorship in our country. All Gambians should come out and fight for our rights to remove this dictatorial government and replace it with a government that will respect human rights of all Gambians,” he said. “All Gambians live in fear but we must rise up in large numbers which is how we will achieve our goal.”



  1. Ebrima Krummah have fulfilled his God allocated quota constitutionally incumbent upon all & every citizenry & humanity world over to challenge devilish injustices head-on, to make the world better place for humanity; may God reward him accordingly & us all; Ameen…

    The batons will pass on until total bittersweet liberation which is a MUST; our choice is to (either) fight to the end or continue to be murdered cold-bloodedly; there can be only one way which is the truth which must triumphantly prevail no matter what & how…

    Long live the Gambia…

  2. May good God bless his soul . We must change strategy to ensure victory . An eye for an eye must be a new Strategy because that is the language Jammeh and his criminal enterprise understand .

  3. May his gentle soul rest in peace what comes around goes around. Every human being will taste the death. Jammeh God is knowing all what you are doing .