Surprise, Surprise! President Jammeh Apologises Insulted Mandinkas

JammehPresident Yahya Jammeh seems to have not only eaten up his insults and threats on the Mandinka ethnic group but the unpredictable leader has also embarked on a clean up exercise aimed at undoing his statement, Kairo News has learnt.

In May this year, President Jammeh renewed his incessant obsession of singling out Mandinkas for vile remarks, insults and threats of elimination. Describing Mandinkas as foreign troublemakers who emigrated from Mali less than 100 years back, Yahya Jammeh ridiculed the Gambia’s majority tribe to the core. The unguarded and unruly statement was greeted with condemnations from home and abroad.

However, it didn’t take the Bully Leader long time to realise how weak he is politically without the backing of Mandinkas who have since heightened their opposition to the APRC government. His only available option is to blink, swallow his pride and apologise to his victims.

Yahya Jammeh’s ego will not allow him to publicly apologise to the Mandinkas, which is why he has sent his surrogates to do the clean up. It is in this regard that KMC Mayor Yankuba Colley today leaves for the damage repair mission. Mayor Colley is leading a six pick up vehicle delegation that is expected to offer apology to prominent Mandinkas across the country.

The apology mission started in Niumi before proceeding to other regions.

But the mission seems to be a fruitless exercise as Mandinka leaders are still in pains with Jammeh’s insults. They couldn’t understand why their ethnic group has been singled out for insults and threats after all the support they have rendered to Jammeh. All they want is for Jammeh to resign for putting his office into disrepute.



  1. I hope nobody, especially the youths, fall for this gimmick…He is incapble of change and any change will only be temporal, until he wins the elections. The APRC is at its weakest because of his foolishness and stupidity and he knows that..So the false attempts to “apologise” and mend fences..I hope nobody buys it..

  2. I think it is foolish idea for any true and patriotic Mandinka to listen to jammeh’s stupid apologic tour . All we need is just one Mandinka to put a bullet in his ass , then he can go to hell .

  3. Sadly, he will succeed. Jammeh always hurts Gambians and find a way of bribing them for “forgiveness.” He kills or frivolously locks up people, then bribes his victims relatives with positions and money. Jammeh knows he can always count on patronage and repression to rule Gambia.

  4. Manding Yelli

    If Jammeh or any monkey try to bring war on to the beloved children of MANDING in KAMBI YAA you will regret it. Let me tell Jammeh KAMBI YAA is MANDING. In fact it is the heart of MANDING. The whole of West Africa is MANDING.

  5. I may agree with Lamin, but I hope this time is different, those statements he made,are hunting him,so he wanna make a U-turn,this is a plan B,he is upto something, after this tour of #apology, more arrest make take place, take note:..

  6. Too little, too late what a stupid apology mission- I already bought a plot in Bamako one stop to Timbuktu.
    Gambians are no fools, certainly Mandingoes are no fools and you cannot draw back the clock your time is up boy, 22 years of killings, maiming, rapping, jailing and disappearing without trace, Gambians have seen it all. Get to hell with your apology, you must have read a piece by our dear sister Fatou Musukebba Tamba in Kibaaro news, read that piece and get yourself a copy to remind you the dangers of your filthy utterances could create Gambian. Guess what she speaks the truth Gambians are one people and one nation. You have reached the turning point of your dictatorship just as Pharaoh did, and you did yours now is God’s turn. Oh boy you are turning yourself in for the worst, burn in hell, its time, trust me you will burn in HELL along with all those who aided you in your atrocities that include imams, pastors, and preachers that failed Gambians by supporting and abating your corrupt and despotic regime for 22 years. Yes, you both will because pharaoh did not go down a lone. Gambians are no fools certainly Mandingoes are no fools.

  7. The Hammer

    Sax am sorry to inform you that unless something changes, i.e give Gambians a united alternative option they will re-elect Jammeh. Mark my words

  8. I think the headline is misleading, if we have to conclude that he wants to repent, although the actual words have not been spoken yet. It is also not a sincere apology, when a third person, who didn’t uttered the malice, is sent out to mend fences.
    Let us concentrate on the essentials. Which, in my view, is the undoing of this regime. Any one can insult the mandinkas or any other tribe. That is a character question.
    On the the table today, is the impunity meted out citizens of mandinka origin or alike. Bringing justice for this people must be our singular homework. Apology or not.

  9. Mr President, I would rather recommend you to go to the National Radio and Television of the Gambia and apologise directly to the victims. Above all, please release all the political detainees from Mile 2 Central prison and allow them their constitutional freedom of campaigning for their various political parties. Mr. president, if your apology meant to be real, you did a good thing, but if it’s just for manipulation to get more votes from the Mandinkas. That would be a bad suggestion. I hope this time around will be different, there will be no more hammering on any other person, directly or indirectly from your side. This world is temporal, unsustainable and hereafter is permanent! Please try and save lives, the more lives you save, the better.

    • Just for your info.
      I listened to a radio talk about the influx/exodus of Gambian youth en mass from the country. A diplomat residing in west africa described the Gambia as a failed state without a “president” in contemporary term. Instead what we have is a warlord/clan leader holding the country hostage base on his whim.
      I hope you would use another title next time.

  10. If indeed Yahya Jammeh wants to apologize and this stupid apology is accepted by Mandinkas, then I as a mandinka will no longer call myself a mandinka. I will forsake my tribe entirely. Gambians ! Are we with our senses to entertain such things from a president who stands and insults a tribe in anyway? People should stay from slavery and learn to safeguard their dignity by whatsoever. How can this fool from nowhere stand to single out an entire tribe and insult them, insult their forefathers and you expect us to embrace such a god-forbidding stupidity? I would rather never be a Gambian again if anyone accept this fucking apology whatsoever. No one even knows Yaya Jammeh’s origin. Gambians let this fool rule them for almighty 22 years and still we expect him to keep ruling as a godfather. We will see whether our elders will be fools by even entertaining yankuba colley and his bunch of idiots. The saddest thing is that Yaya Jammeh has succeeded in trying to divide Gambians on tribal lines and this will be the biggest mistake for all the Gambians not only Mandikas. Yesterday, Gambians did not know what tribal issue is but with the coming of Yaya Jammeh, we are all now talking about tribe and tribe. This will continue. Our country is ready to be burn and it is only a matter of time.

  11. Yaya Jammeh mandingolu nyameta Dee.

    • Gambianolu jamaa nyameta dee. wollofolu, fuloolu, saranhulelu, manjaakoolu, akuwoolu, sererolu, jolalu, konyajoolu, bainunkolu……….Amuumebee nyameta dee. Nafikoolu mang nyameta dee.itolu mu saitani letih dee. Nafikoolu mang beteyaa dawoo da. Hanin nna kordaalu kono, imang beteyaa jay.

  12. Can we realistically refrain ourselves from explicity in these forums? It must have been witch future tellers who have seen it necessary to advice the donkey in human image,Yaya Jammeh, to serve donkey meat to Gambians with the hope that it will make its effect on them, that they won’t be able to reason better than donkeys. He is putting his new donkey meat spell to test if its gonna work or not by insulting the people of a major tribe in the Gambia to turn around to apologise to them and see if these people are gonna reason with his madness.
    What he does is look around for weaknesses in extended family relations in villages and towns of the Gambia to be able to fix his nose, sending some rival sibling to jail and befriending the blood sibblings of the one he sent to jail. Some Gambians badly need to be patted from their snoring. I think the consensus amongst Gambians that every problem can be peacefully settled is why the lunatic always gets hinmself out of hand by insulting a counterpart president or a tribe in his country or an international organisation only to end up trying to stupidly redress what foul he has uttered.

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