Arsonists Burnt APRC Kanifing Bureau

APRC-1-1132x670An arson attack on the political bureau of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic, Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) has left Gambian security on their toes. The arson, which gutted the Kanifing situated bureau, left a police man on guard seriously injured. Informed sources told Kairo News that the unidentified police officer was found tied.

A combine team of security involving intelligence, military and police officers visited the burnt bureau. Their task is to launch scale investigation on who might have used the cover of the dark to set fire to the APRC bureau. Security investigators have been assessing the level of damage to the property, which most people believe belongs to President Yahya Jammeh.

Kairo News source was among a crowd of people who set eyes on the gutted property, formerly owned by Abou Denton, the Gambia’s late Accountant General. The property used to host the Taiwanese Embassy.

No arrest has been made in connection to this latest arson, which precedes two other arson attacks in Bakau and Abuko. Total Petrol Station in Bakau and a gas depot in Abuko were all set on fire. Ironically, not a single person has been linked to these arson attacks.

This string of attacks has heightened fears among citizens of a country where the wrath of tyranny spares no one. One man told our source that these attacks have demonstrated the Gambia’s fragile security. “Yahya Jammeh thinks his security is paramount,” our source said. “He is secure to the bone but the rest of the people are not.”



  1. This trend is becoming too scary. So with all the big talks, it is obvious that our government cannot guarantee us security. The security can beat innocent civilians but couldn’t see these fire coming.

  2. I view these attacks in two perspectives , it is either true beginning for violence sabotage of the regime which will ultimately lead to its downfall or it is the inside job of dictatorial regime in order to create more fear before the election so that Jammeh can use such attacks as a pretext for more security measures or even declare state of emergency as basis to entrench himself in power . I believe that in either case , the dictator will try to use such attacks to further intimidate the population . I only hope that I am wrong. If this is truly an attack to sabotage the regime , then we must embrace violence change of regime which Yaya Jammeh has prepared the country for .

  3. Scary indeed. Could this be the handy work of regime (Green Boy or the Junglers) and try to levy blame on the opposition to suppress.

  4. Yeah, it can be a dirty work of the Dictator and his bandits inorder to saw the world that the Gambia is ungovernable and then try to push the elections to a latter date. Just my thought.

  5. I think this is the work of angry Gambians hitting back at the bully government. With all their boasting about national security, they can do nothing about these arson attacks. I am almost sure that more damage to APRC and government institutions will follow and it will show just how impotent this bully regime is. While I am not a supporter of violence, the Jammeh bully regime is leaving people no option but to revert to violence. So Jammeh can go to hell for all I care.