Activist Challenges Kandeh’s Surrogates

The leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress has not been tried or tested democratically. Little is known about Mamma Kandeh. He is only known as the former ruling member of parliament for the ruling APRC of Yahya Jammeh who represented Jimara Constituency in Upper River Region. Gambians are eager to know everything relevant about Mamma Kandeh before they endorse or vote for him. Both his campaign and surrogates are not helping either. Instead of selling their candidate’s policies, parliamentary and educational lives, Mr. Kandeh’s surrogates have resorted to attacking anyone who raises the slightest doubt or criticism about the man who wants Gambians to elect him president. One Gambian activist has uploaded a video on social media, challenging Kandeh’s diaspora surrogates to tell Gambians about what they find so unique about their untested candidate to the point of raising funds for his campaign. Momodou Krubally asks whether it is genuine for these surrogates to quickly endorse a candidate who, until his dismissal, wines and dines with the devil. Listen to Krubally’s video and extract the chaff from the wind.



  1. Alimatou Sarr

    Abaraka Krubally for asking the necessary but unanswered questions Mama Kandeh and have his surrogates are not sincerely answering. We cannot afford to replace an idiot with another. That’s why we must thoroughly vet anyone that wants to lead our country. I don’t hate Mama Kandeh but I need to know more about him. With the likes of Krubally around, we might slip and fall but we’ll put our leaders on check. Democracy does need t take care of itself; it needs nurturing.

  2. I have my serious doubt about this new clan disguised as a party. Tina Fall is in detention for weeks without a statement from the leader. Fear of contempt for the courts, is barely a reason for holding oneself from defending ones own members from the wrath of a regime, that GDC seem to attest civility to. I don’t think that is the leadership we should crave for. Sorry for being somewhat blunt!

  3. ArseFootball

    It must be hurting you trying to marsk your true intention against this guy.
    I have just listened to your interview with sidi-but I just cannot understand what you going on about.
    You want to know the guy’s source of funds, before his education-but now, its not that-it is his experience.
    You want him to come out and answer to your own suspicion of him-rather than what he has already put out there.
    Man-you ve got ascess to youtube and am sure you ve listened to his interviews with Pa nderry mbaye.
    What more do you want.
    This guy has the guts to says so many things while in The Gambia, than you in the USA will not even dare say in your dreams.
    Man – you know the guy – why not use the same energy you are spending on the social media to speak to him in person rather than use/involve everybody in your own personal vendetta.
    Anybody who listens to you – can see right through you man-you cant mesmerise us.
    I never seen so much excitement in an opposition of any of the other leaders.
    Am i sensing fear here.
    You guy’s should see this man as an opportunity – because unless Yaya choses to realise MR Darboe early from prison/the army or someone decides to do the dirty job for us, you might end up needing his help.
    And the way the things are going-This guy might not even need you.
    This guy has something – watch out mate.
    Dont hate-embrace.

  4. Remember when Obama was asked to prove he was American … the same questions need to be asked the incumbent … no tables should be left unturned … hence there are unanswered questions if the junta leader is Gambian … So …

  5. Where the guy got all the guts to say what he says that folks living in the USA won’t dare say in their dreams, and feeling the comfort like the PDOIS dudes have felt all the while should be an observation worthy of a decent national debate.

    Actual haters within the public domain are spreaders of rumours, culturally and traditionally sensitive people who are indicatively allergic and intolerant to scrutiny within the Gambia’s public environ.

    I agree or tend to agree to my understanding of other countrymen’s view that praise singing have badly taken its toll on our mindsets as a society over the years, especially among public’s entrusted people, that over time, our conviction was reduced to seeing scrutiny of public figures as ‘jealousy’.
    Folks better learn putting things ‘face-up’ instead ‘back-up’. There still must be those kind of citizens who think the country’s president coming from their extended household make them culturally and traditionally TALL over the Gambia’s multi cultures and traditions.

  6. Let me be clear on this … it´s very sad and mind-boggling that we would think that elections, in the present scheme of things, would lead to any viable democracy or solution or good governance when prominent politicians are serving prison terms for taking part in a peaceful demonstration to release the body of an activists killed whiles peacefully demanding for a level political field of play. So, what is fair and free about that, the least we can deduct from that is the system is rigged for failure. Taking part in an election at this juncture is giving credibility to a system that is rotten from the bud.

  7. ArseFootball

    Jack arse blazer-missing a plunger,
    Mama kandeh took the guts from within himself.
    Stop insinuating things – you are sat there comfortable asking all sorts of questions, whilst saying things without backing them up.
    I believe he is on his own, doing his things pretty good and i wish very well.
    I will continue to believe this-unless someone comes with evidence to proof otherwise.
    I believe Mama kandeh is reaching out to people’s concerns in a very simple language, loud and clear-understood by many.
    By the way-my comment were just that, as i just watch and say how i feel.
    I live in the Uk and cant vote-but i believe and hope the opposition should come together to help change the government and help Mr Darboe, the executive and all the other prisoners from thier predicament.

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