Jammeh’s Endless Fight With Dead Spirits

Jammeh with one of his idol worshipping men

A wise poet once said his killer must not expect to have peace of mind sfter cutting his body into pieces and burying them because his spirit will one day launch a counterattack. This point is a food for thought for dictators who act abnormally after a string of killing. Are these heartless killers seeing or feeling extraordinary pains clean people don’t? Is their internal pain forcing them to lose temperament and act or speak loosely? Well, we may not be able to provide answers to all what goes in the killers brains but we need to write about them since we have them in our backyard freely spilling innocent blood.

Killers are cowards in nature who rarely admit their crime. Instead of admitting their crime, they go on defensive in an attempt to either justify their action or blame it on others. Our own lead killer Yahya Jammeh is no exception. His difference is that he will publicly threaten to bury an entire ethnic group six feet deep but lacks the balls to admit killing, torturing or disappearing those in state custody. Like other killers, he too will do everything to cover his trail. That’s why he keeps his victims bodies. May be he is using their body parts for rituals. He thinks of one thing: how do I keep the crown from falling? That’s why he will not hesitate to sacrifice his mother just to remain president.

Ebrima Solo Sandeng’s cold-blooded murder has been a complete game changer. It has pushed Gambians to the brink and turned majority of people – even non political enthusiasts – into activists.

Despite tweaking the law to jail innocent peaceful protesters, Gambians of all walks of life are defining Yahya Jammeh. On a daily basis, he is called “a killer, heartless, greedy and corrupt leader.” Any bad name fits him. Layers of fear are being peeled off and fast. Jammeh’s uphill task is: how to turn the tide in a country where oppressed, hungry citizens have been pushed to brink. Is he taking note that “a hungry man is an angry man.”

The Brave Dictator had killed so many people, including Deyda Hydara, Chief Ebrima Manneh, Ousman Koro Ceesay, Daba Marenah and others, yet he denied it. What has changed to warrant Jammeh to admit killing Solo Sandeng? What choice does he have when his cover has been blown? Like psychopaths and witches, dictators cannot withstand being confronted while their secrecy, major source of their power, is being blown. Since he has nothing to hide, his only best bet is to admit the murder even if it means leaving out how and why Sandeng died. Admission of a crime comes with losing grip of power, which seems to be happening in the Gambia.

Yahya Jammeh’s soul will not enjoy peace until his last breath on earth. How can he sleep when the spirits of his killers are haunting him? He can only kill his victims but not their angry spirits. Are these spirits helping to add fuel to fire because even his gun-wielding security now find him disgusting?

Some argue that Jammeh does not care. We disagree. He cares otherwise he will not engage in endless public distraction. If he does not care, let him allow opposition access to the national media. Jammeh is nothing but a mortal being who wants people to talk about his good deeds. Those who deny others peace never find it.


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