Message For Jammeh’s Monsters

Unbiased PrinceBy Unbaised Prince

The Celestial Concords of Phenomenally Hankered within Judgement of all Goodness are Here to Stay fellow Gambians and That is Final!!!

So tell the APRC little monsters that the APRC supporters are trying to be at the helms of helping brutality to continue in country and in order to gratify their evil leadership’s urge for more brutality on weak people that, the awful situation they’re craving yet badly trying to create won’t make any alteration to our Gambian Pledge of committed for political change in the country whatsoever.

The undeserved yet unlawful and unentertaining incarceration of the UDP leadership with such crude and menacing verdicts by the most barbaric idiot and the only remaining stupid punk and shameless Nigerian judge, but also damaging to the core of our Gambian societal preferences, would be met with the same measure of vivid obliteration without fail.

At such juncture of my calling it naturally imminent but at the induces of bashing its ways on the monstrous regime of APRC for people’s invoking, I am therefore demanding the unconditional and immediate release of Mr Ousainou Darboe and all those, yet unlawful political detainees be released immediately before time runs out on those consecutively responsible but also running the APRC failed leadership’s illegal operations in the country.

The APRC failed leadership’s political venality and manipulative inference in running the Gambia have instantaneously earn him his ultimate place within Setan’s army as a ‘Brutal General’. Yes but that does not excuse people from educating and teaching or telling him off with the many unforgiving lectures of wisdom and manners that his weak parents could not have taught him.

The penalties of APRC erroneous leadership had only started to mark the end of his illegal occupation of public office and it’s far from over fellows. For that reason we must brace ourselves further by being in ready position of not willing to lose our consciences and willpowers or determination to do what is right for our country and people.

However, as being identify as the most politically hostile bandit to ever lived in West Africa and its modern times of real but by every definition.

Intensely and since bristled with briskest of self-denial through the bared conclusions of his barbarity staunching public affairs for more confusionism of ruthlessness on people.

Despite of far defying to every moderately callings and morality purposing for our countrymanism and people’s timely of enthusiasm to remain as truly observe and preceding over everything else and for more public discretional theming.

Well but truly indeed and as renown at the mimicking of devotion to people (hence he does not at least care for anybody anyway).

Still living in the very deepest of hypocritical aspects of surrogating our Gambian history.

The disastrous APRC present leadership have it all sparkling like nothing we ever seen and he is well known for competing with himself alone at all odds of the above fellows and that really mental.

This shameless and idiotic punk (some people are still calling a president) have no sincerity, devoutness, fidelity and any self-esteem left in him for seeing that, he have brought the most degrading, depredating and dilapidating condition and of atmospheric passing to Gambians due the fact that he could not admire or wish for nothing (he knows nothing by reality despite) which could be more approaching in progressional wunderkind for my people than mortifying them constantly.

The APRC failed leadership of hence mimicking to all moralities and of our Gambian moderately while relish nought like fellowship of concluding for modern generational perspective to carry on with true difference. And nor does he ever nourishes any mutualism of concomitant or bring about in gaging for the patronage of people’s socially importance and to that of Gambian people in particular and their homeland of needing most.

The brute but rude leadership of APRC regime, is always on the verges of too hasty with stupidity triumphs while spontaneously at cruelty to weak people he sworn to protect their God given rights while using all methods of evil in destroying the only but little that people had yet have while way taking it for granted as sparingly but privileged to them by nature.

The APRC calamitous leadership in the name of Yaya JJ Jammeh is very weak in political personality and natural correctness. But far influential indeed with his childish dreams to deliver Gambia and her people at a much more chaotic situation of undeservedly. And at gruesome flows of mediocracy (of not underscored by our Brilliant Diaspora Media outlets and never) instead of at democratic trim of realise, yet recognized therefore by civilized people than anything else. He is still on decisive of typical of him and in general and too vigorous in fact for such cases to continue dominating his agendas if he is not stopped in time for Gambians’ political climate and fundamental needs to square up quickly. And should remain aspiring to all people and for any goodness to happen soon fellows.



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  1. Just for the fact that EVIL yaya KILLER DEVIL jammeh illegally & illegitimately usurped the helm of affairs of State forcefully purportedly for “accountability, transparency & probity” pretentiously for judicious dispensation, based on rule of law, justice & peaceful coexistence of peoples BUT contrarily moulted into a MURDERER & OPPRESSIVE AUTOCRATIC TYRANT whose BANDITRY knows NO limits…

    In the same vein that ALL Gambians of genuine conscience, friends & international community WILL definitely ENSURE to ALL ways viably NECESSARY inclusively to see to the end of this MURDEROUS MADNESS which took grip of the Gambia since July 1994….

    Faith, Nature & (indeed) God Almighty have thrown us a challenge in this DARK-AGES predicaments warranted struggle; the collective task efforts for each & everyone is to render (our) individual constitutional quotas truthfully to abilities, to garner facilitation of our collective liberation & ensured survival as a people; every human beings owe that obligations to ourselves, families, children, humanity & unborn generations into posterity…

    The end to liberation accomplishment is SURELY not faraway soon; just matters of time; Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia….

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