Gambian Security Witch-hunts Prominent GDC Member

_20160730_234031By Abdoulie John

The Gambia government has launched a ‘systematic campaign of harassment’ targeting former parliamentarian Tina Faal who has turned her back to the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) and joined newly formed Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) party.  She has been released from police custody, having been slapped with serious charges after her arrest on Thursday.

‘‘She has been subjected to intense police interrogation,’’ a source
close to GDC confided to this reporter . ‘‘This is a systematic
campaign of harassment mounted by the regime against GDC.
She is being charged with 3 counts of  ‘conspiracy, obtaining goods
by false pretence and theft’,’’  said our source.

The country’s newest opposition party was launched this year by a
former APRC MP Mamma Kandeh. Since its inception the party seems to be fast gaining momentum on the masses causing many defections within the ranks of President Yahya Jammeh’s party. This has left many people at a loss of words with some opposition parties members accusing GDC leader Mamma Kandeh of being Jammeh’s proxy. Last week, GDC started a tour that is getting waves of support in Gambia’s hinterland.

Our source disclosed that Tina Faal was part of the tour. ‘‘The charges nothing to do with GDC. The case is connected to her
former husband, Malian business tycoon Babandi Sissoho,’’ she added.

A top GDC official, who spoke to this reporter, declined to comment on the case as it is being brought before a court of law.


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