GDC Leader Picks On Jammeh

The leader of Gambia Democratic Congress has refused to fall for the narrative that his new party is an offshoot of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction President Yahya Jammeh.

Mamma Kandeh, a disgruntled former APRC candidate for Jimara constituency in the Upper River Region, described such a narrative as the last kick of a dying horse. “The fact is that the APRC is dead; Yahya Jammeh’s political career is dead,s” Mr. Kandeh told a recent political rally in Brikama.

“All that Yahya Jammeh needs to do is to appear on national television and tender his resignation,” Kandeh said, blaming the APRC for concocting lies about his party. “The APRC is scared of me which is why they tightened registration of political parties and election laws. They increased registration fees from 10, 000 Dalasis to 1 milliom Dalasis. Now that we have paid the registration, they started feeling the heat.”

Mr. Kandeh believed in the power of predestination. “I believe that Allah chooses a leader whose mandate is measured. When their time comes they must go. Yahya Jammeh said he would rule for a billion years but he has only three months in office. GDC is ready to sweep the polls in December,” Kandeh said, attracting huge applause.

He said unlike Mr. Jammeh, his sole goal is to win the presidency and restore normalcy. He doesnt want to use public office to sell. “I don’t want Yahya Jammeh’s shirt or pant; all I’m interested in is the presidency,” Kandeh said, punching the APRC politicians bent on fanning tribalism. He described Gambians as “one big family. Tribe and language are meant for the purpose of identity and understanding. The Gambia is like a big Calabash that gives birth to different types of Gambians.” Mamma Kandeh, whose fast building political momentum has threatened President Jammeh, defended the rationale for choosing big Calabash as his party’s symbol. “Big Calabash is highly respected culturally which is why we carry it with both hands,” he said.



  1. No comment . That would be my comment.

    Oh whait ! You want to know why people love conspiracies? Because of it’s deficiency.

  2. It’s always good to have a young motivated man in Gambian politics, but at the moment I will recommend an elderly person to replace Yaya Jammeh, be it, Ousainou Darboe, Omar Jallow or Halifa Sallah. Alternatively, I would like to advise these three leaders from the various political parties to do everything by all means necessary and unite for the benefit of our future generation and save our country from unpredictable chaos. The damage being caused by Yaya Jammeh was bigger than our imagination. The Gambia is on her knees! And for honourable Kandeh, please be careful because, whenever the calabash falls on the ground, it will break into pieces and everything in it may disappear in the sand, my God forbid!

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