Gambia Freedom Foundation Launched

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Press Release

July 19th, 2016
The D30 Gambia Freedom Foundation (D30 GFF) Launched

The public is hereby informed that the D30 Gambia Freedom Foundation (D30 GFF) will be officially launched as of July 30th, 2016. This foundation was formed May 25th, 2016. The D30 GFF is launched in memory of our heroes both those who lost their lives and the living, supporting their families and to embark on peaceful advocacy in the effort of restoring democracy and the rule of law in the Gambia, in collaboration with existing political and civil society organizations.

The December, 30th, 2014, incident involved the heroic efforts of brave and selfless Gambians designed to restore democracy, respect of the constitution, human rights, and rule of law. It was a historic turning point in the struggle against the tyranny in Gambia and it came at a tremendous cost to our brave men.

The Mission
Our Mission is to provide short and long-term support to the December 30th heroes and their families to ensure their emotional, physical, financial and psychological wellbeing. And to honor all the people who lost their lives in the fight for freedom, rule of law and good governance in the Gambia

Our goal is to harness resources to fulfill the tenets in our mission statement

The Vision of D30 GFF, is the rebirth of a Gambia where there is rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights.

As part of the advocacy work of the D30 Gambia Freedom Foundation, D30 GFF will operate a website, and a social media platform that will deal with various topics of interest centering on human rights, good governance, gender issues, news aggregation, as well as a discussion forums and charity product sales.
In the near future, the D30 GFF Media and Communications committee will be conducting interviews on the various online radios, print and social media platforms to respond to questions from the public and share information with the general public. The D30 GFF contact information and social media accounts are listed below. Additional information is available on the said accounts as well. The website will be rollout soon.

Thank you
Facebook: D30gambiafreedfoundation
Twitter – @ D30GambiaFF OR D30Gambiaff
Name of the Foundation:
The foundation name shall be: D30 The Gambia Freedom Foundation (D30 GFF)

Pa Samba Jow ( on behalf of D30 GFF )



  1. ”It was a historic turning point in the struggle against tyranny in the Gambia and it came at a tremendous cost to our brave men”. Pa Samba Jow/D30 GFF. An undeniable fact and congrats. for the good moves.

    May the veterans live a long life and good health.

    They are not here today to withness the unfolding events of the Gambia’s political resolve but they shall live forever more in the hearts of generations to come. Thankyou all.
    May the fallen statesmen’s souls rest in eternal peace.

  2. Noble initiative indeed; for the cause of directly affected families in the liberation struggle for restoration of rule of law, justice & freedom for greater peasantry Gambia & for humanity in general at large…

    Our heroes whoever taken murderous autocratic dictatorship head-on for the betterment of societal Gambia all deserve unbreakable support…

    The batons have been handed over, where any hero falls &/ kidnaped or incarcerated; the struggle is about successful liberation accomplishment; in that all & everything, ways & means necessary will continue to be explored against autocratic tyrannical treason against humanity in Gambia until successful liberation…

    Long live Gambia…