Darboe, Others Jailed For 3 Years

DarboeSome news just in stating that Yahya Jammeh’s Nigerian mercenary judge has handed down judgment in the case of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and others. High Court Judge, Justice Eunice O. Dada has found all the accused persons guilty of all the seven counts. She sentenced them to three years in prison. Except Yaya Bah, a party supporter, was the only one given a lighter sentence. Kairo News will come back with a detailed version of the story. The mood at the High Court in Banjul where armed soldiers cordoned off and pushed back huge crowd of people was sombre.



  1. I support any option to remove Yaya Jammeh from power including violent , is anybody wanner meet in Dakar and take a walk to Banjul ??

  2. I was on Banker Maneh’s show this afternoon on Fatu Radio i had chance to renew my call for fundraising of 100 US Dollar or 100 Euro each, Even twenty thousand people will be more than enough to buy Launcher from black market . Even a Drone capable of delivering weapons across Atlantic straight Banjul and drop it on State house. this has to be the only option if arer serious defending ourselves our future and future of our children, we are not war mongers as some thick minded people see it, we are defending our liberty and our God given right , You have to be either a traitors or an idiot not to defend yourself under attack .

  3. My first reaction: expected and terrible. I am heartbroken for the immediate families.

    Second thought: the only other outcome would have been: the hostages repented and asked for forgiveness. I think that is not a viable option, keeping in mind that Solo Sandeng’s murderers are still walking the streets free.

    Now the shots are fired and it is up to us to despair or we redouble our efforts to ensure that the jailing of Darboe & Co is not without consequences for the perpetrators.

  4. This so-called verdict, an illegal illegitimate transgression continuations against UDP in particular & Gambia at large, is expected; whilst all ways & means necessary must continue to be pursued to end tyrannical autocratic murders & aggressions in Gambia…

    The truth is, despite the pretentious braving of face, the MURDEROUS kanilai KILLER DEVIL is INDEED pinned at a very tight corner, between life & death; where it’s fighting back for survival not knowing how better to juggle with ball anymore except to continue to pretend to be strong threateningly…

    The message is, ALL Gambians of genuine conscience WILL CONTINUE to explore ALL means necessarily possible to the utmost, UNTIL successful liberation of Gambia…

    The end always justifies the means…

    Long live the Gambia…

  5. I guessed it from start that you will make a point @Troy. I propose a tour of responsible diasporans to meet Gambians in the U.S.A, the U.K and the rest of Europe to publicly sensitise them with regards to the country’s state of emergency and ask for donations too, in the meetings. It is not time to worry about who is out there snitching for Jammeh but a time to organise and materialise.
    I proposed the latter so that technical language will not be exposed here online.

  6. @Ggapm Democracy can neither be imported nor exported. While sensitizing the Gambian Diaspora is a good idea what we need first is sincere patriotic Gambians who are willing to unite behind the idea of Gambia First. hat we have now is a nation that is divided fighting old wars.

    Gambia is second that is why we have so many divisions, each and every group fighting for their own interest first.

    While your call is a noble idea, Gambians in Gambia should first of all take stock, if Gambians take their freedoms seriously and appreciate the sacrifice that Darboe went through we should have gone out in droves and demand his release.

    Unless we are ready to fight for our freedom, this madness will not stop

    • While I agree with you @The tiger, that democracy can never be imported or exported, it is a strong believe too in me, that a politically checked mated country may require extra constitutional means to restore a ‘constitutionally’ desired democracy rather than laid back for time to do it for you.
      You may be right because I believe the saying that because you don’t see people’s hearts so you don’t know their intentions and Gambians for this matter. It is all about doing away with ills in our hearts.