PIU Set For Opposition Brutality

Deputy Supt. Sanyang in his PIU office waiting for Yahya Jammeh’s orders!

By Our Correspondent in Court 

The Gambia’s Police Intervention Unit (PIU) is set to brutalise opposition members as manifested in their handling of United Democratic Party supporters at the High Court in Banjul earlier this week.

Headed by deputy Police Superintendent, Musa Sanyang, the PIU officers have been deployed in courts to contain opposition supporters out there to show support and solidarity to their remanded arraigned leadership and party members.

Musa Sanyang 2
Deputy Supt. Sanyang

Instead of using their senses to diffuse a simple problem, these violence-hungry men who are ordered to “get mad” on weapon-free civilians, started using excessive force in an attempt to force out the young son of the late Momodou Lamin Shingle Nyassi out of the court on Tuesday. Shingle was a former Propaganda Secretary of the UDP.

The PIU officers descended on opposition supporters when the case of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and others was adjourned. They used force to disperse opposition supporters who wanted to attend the trial of arraigned May 9th protesters in another courtroom. The goal is to prevent supporters from attending the trial of May 9 protesters. However, this unruly and uncalled for behaviour resulted to a push and pull involving the PIU and adamant opposition supporters in the courtyard.

Opposition supporters maintained their defiance to attend a trial that was heard in an open court. They saw no reason why the security attempted to trampleon their constitutional rights.

Kairo News sources said deputy Superintendent Sanyang plans to implement his end of Ramada hatched plot. In that he will use the PIU thugs to be brutal on opposition supporters so as to create cloud of fear and intimidation among them.

Sanyang, who is renewing threats of getting the orders to “get dirty” on armless civilians, has been the brute behind mistreatment of opposition supporters in court.


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