As Muslims Celebrate Eid Prayer, Fistful Fight Erupts In Salikenni

Alhagie Omar Ceesay, the cleric who wakes up Satan in Salikenni

Today, the old English proverb has been proven very right by the People of Badibu Salikenni in the North Bank Region, where one of the great scholars was put where he belongs. Alhagie Omar Ceesay, a Saudi Arabia alumni who specialised on Islamic jurisprudence, is a prominent supporter of the ruling APRC in Baddibu Salikenni. This scholar has finally achieved his long goal of infesting religion with politics into the craddle of an opposition stronghold village. By that Alhagie Omar has demonstrated that “EDUCATION WITHOUT MORAL IS TANTAMOUNT TO NONENTITY.

As a semi-rich man, the learned scholar thinks his best bet lies in using his artificial splendour and opulence over the people of Salikenn to fight for Imamship. How wrong he was, for he doesn’t know he is nothing but a toothless bull dog that only barks behind the corridors of minaret.

Flanked by his supporters and sons, Alhagie Omar Ceesay stormed the Eid-ul-fitr prayer grounds, claiming to take the mantle of Salikenni imamship where thousands of worshippers gathered. The goal of Ceesay and his supporters is to render the current imam, Fa Illo Ceesay, useless. Fa Illo, an uncle to Alhagie Omar, was one of those poor parents who contributed their dime to support fitna-obsessed scholar to study in Saudi Arabia.

A bitter argument soon ensued between the uncle and his nephew before they retire into fistful fight. This has thrown the 12 Salikenni clans an into religious fight, giving the  vulnerable populations (women, children and old folks) testing the speed of their legs. The family and partisan politicians in collaboration with FA ILLO CEESAY’s supporters started throwing stones and gravels like bulldozers at the opponent site of Alhagie Omar ceesay, whose supporters were basking on their past glories as descendants of MASANNEH KULUKOI CEESAY.

The women folks who took to the heels of their private cars (newly bought shoes and dresses) for the pray could be seen flying like the tattered winds.

The civil and religious skirmishes has left us without observing RAMADAN prayers as one of the biggest feast in the Muslim calendar. Imam Ceesay was quoted saying, hay! PEOPLE why do you allow this illiterate, novice, nonentity to lead you in to prayers, advancing forward to push the old IMAM FA ILLO CEESAY, then a fight began between the two opposing camps, leaving Alhagie Omar Ceesay and his team defeated.

It was reported that a crowd of SALIKENNI youths are at the mosque entrance waiting to see the return of Alh. Omar Ceesay in to the Mosque. This means the youths have to either send him to exile, abdicate or excommunicate him from the Mosque or he will be call to rest upon arrival at the mosque scene. KEREWAN POLICE were notified about the incident but the commanding officer, KEBBA BOJANG is afraid to send a riot team to combat the problem. At this point in time a deployment of 20 paramilitary officers in full gears were on their way to BADIBU SALIKENNI. It is believed that in days to come Gambia will be on flames because the officers are going to make stupid arrest which will be greeted with gun fires, assault and possible random arrests, detention and harassment of the opposition members in SALIKENNI.

The SALIKENNI diaspora group have been notified about the skirmishes, but are yet to come up with a statement on the issue.

According some women and old men, Alhagie Omar Ceesay has gone too far to attack the existing IMAM and above all he has no right to claim for IMAMSHIP because it is not in their line of succession or lineage, so they don’t know what is he bouncing on to, but the end will justify the mean as the mean stakes to judge the doer. The Islamic body have also been notified but they also have not come up with any statement yet, it is believed that they will go their but may side with Alh.Omar Ceesay which the youths are waiting to see if they will have the got to side with the wrong doers without going through the principles of QUR-AN and HADITH of prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

There is possibility of changing the religious conflict in to political turmoil.





  1. I hope Alagie omar ceesay’s children in both USA and uk prevail on him to recognize that support for Yaya Jammeh’s regime should not make him to have bad relationship with his uncle and create division in the village. It is unfortunate that Jammeh’s politics has divided so many families and villages throughout the country. Journalist Saikou Ceesay who is now a pro-government journalist is one of his sons. Saikou Ceesay is now used current information minister (Sherriff Bojang ) to spin for Yaya Jammeh. Alagie omar Ceesay’s family used to support the opposition but they are now Jammeh’s supporters. Elder Ceesay is not a rich man but it is his elder brother who live in France who took care of the family according to my sources. Alhagie Omar Ceesay’s brother in France has been very instrumental in the family wellbeing, he is a generous man who even set up business for the family and he has built many compounds in The Gambia where his relative lives. It is indeed very disappointing to see how Jammeh’s regime politics can create division, hatred and chaos among families. I encourage his children to please prevail on their dad to have good relationship with his uncle and entire village.

    • Sheriff Sanno

      This is the most ignorant piece ever in the history of information. The piece written by EBRIMA SATOU FOFANA is nothing lies, ignorant, misinformed, stupid and above all a disservice to the readers of this medium. Ebrima Fofana is a lair who has no idea what he was writing about. There is no truth in what he wrote. Let me be very clear on this issue. Alhagi Omar Ceesay has no interest in whatsoever of becoming an iman in salikenni. So whatever information was fed to you about his intentions of becoming an iman are all lies. Get this straight. Did you say that the poor people of salikenni paid for his studies in Saudi Arabia? Did I hear you said that? Why would the poor people do that? How did the poor people of salikenni afforded to pay for his studies in Saudi Arabia in 1978? If you want to understand how Alhagi Ômar Ceesay studied in Saudi Arabia in 1978, you will have to politely ask me. I will not even attempt to respond to the rest of your stupid piece. It is full of lies and what a liar are you?


      • The readers at Kaironews know that there are always two sides to a story. While we have heard what Ebrima Fofana said, we only have protest from you Sheriffo. In present day Gambia, it is very easy for the smallest matters to have Jammeh and NIA’s involvement. We hope the people of Salikenni will resolve this matter in the traditional way and not seek to involve Jammeh and his divisive politics.

      • We are waiting for an apology from this thing called Sa Samateh. Couple of corroboration with similar reports by other media houses couldn’t be all for farce. No one evil capable enough to incite such a thing than Yaya Jammeh and his devilish cabal.

  2. I am from salikenni this is nothing to do it yahya and alagie omar is in to politic

    • A friend of mine from salikene corroborated the story of Fofana that a skirmish took place involving the persons mentioned above.
      What defeats us time and again, is denial as Alimatou Sarr wrote and what Bax termed as the “the refusal to narrate the true story” as believed or the true version of events Sheriff Sanno implied to know better. In other words refuting a claim but not giving the supposedly true version gives credence to the claim being attacked.

  3. I completely and totally blame Yaya Jammeh for whatever problems are in salikene and any where in The Gambia. Yaya Jammeh is setting families against families, neighbors against neighbors , village against village, uncle against nephew. Something has fundamentally changed in our country and that is love and care we used to have for each other is gradually eroding among the people. We should not allow Yaya to divide us because of his selfish political interest. Yaya killed a lot people in Baddibu and the rest of the country . Currently a good and patriotic sons and daughters of Baddibu and the rest of country are in mile two prison for exercising their constitutional rights. People of Baddibu must recognize that Jammeh is an Ebola of The Gambia and every measure must be taken to get rid of this disease , otherwise we will all be infected.

  4. My brother. Illo ceesay and alagie omar ceesay they are not in to politic. this is nothing to do with yahya jammeh. My prayers will go to salikenni people, no one will use our town again no matter what money you got …..may Allah our town ameen

  5. Alimatou Sarr

    The problem with most Gambians is the hypocrisy invented and fuelled by a hypothetical President. Even when something happens they want to be in denial. We all know Yaya Jammeh is the one inciting hypocrisy and hatred using religion, culture and tribalism. Even when politics cause chaos at the mosque, some shallow minded people will be in denial.

    • Sanna Samateh

      Ebriama Fofana you have got it all wrong or whoever gave that misleading information about the recent problem in Salikenni is all lies . Please my advice to you and the Kairo news team is that you guys should find out what was the facts from the reliable source , do not comment on something or put up writing about an issues this like if you dont have correct information. This problem is between us and its has nothing to do with dirty politics in the gambia. Next time be very careful what you write on the media. Be sure of your information before you write.

      • Yankuba Saho

        U r right Sana . Before u put up news like this make sure u verified . This has nothing to do with politics and please don’t blame Yaya Jammeh for this. Alige Omar is a good man and no one can ever put him down. My advice to suntou Touray of kairo news please make your findings about this great man.

  6. If you are a Kiangko/Kianka, this must surely be the best “salibo” ever from Badibu (lol).

    On a serious note : I agree with Modou that Sheriff Sanno, after protesting and rejecting Fofana’s narration of the story, should provide the “true” story (his own version of events) to inform the audience. I hope him or any interested individual will be willing to do that.

    It is very sad that such conflicts still exist in our various communities, and no doubt, the attitude of the current regime towards its opponents in opposition would influence some foolish supporters into all sorts of foolish actions, but we must be honest to understand that these conflicts predate Yaya Jammeh.

    Whether it is land, inheritance, alkaloship, chieftaincy, Imam hood, vdc chairperson or even sports committee members, disputes and conflict have always marred selections to fill these local positions and some communities are notoriously known for these types of conflict.

    Often, the reasons for these conflicts are not centered on qualification and best suitable candidates, but on such considerations as family lineage and ancestry, with certain families or individuals feeling more entitled to certain things in the community than others..

    What these show is that The Gambia, as a nation, has not yet achieved the monumental task of educating its citizens to fully understand the nature of a modern nation, whose foundations should be firmly anchored on democratic principles and practices.

    The challenge we face today, in addition to resolving the Jammeh and APRC conundrum, is to establish a state whose citizens fully understand what it means to be a Nation State, built on Republican and Democratic values, and their sacred individual and collective duties and responsibilities to jealously guard and defend these values, either as REPRESENTATIVES or the REPRESENTED…

    • Lamin sisay

      Let me put the fact straight. Ebrima Satu the Quran said seek knowledge before you preach.
      Your piece is nothing but a fabricated lies. In fact, I doubted your jOurnalism skills, because there is always two side of any story. So for you to just wrote on something you don’t know the originality, is ignorant.

      My dad Alhagie Omar Ceesay started his primary education in Islamic studies at age seven in Mauritania until his mid twenties when he returned back home. He later got scholarship in the seventies to pursue advance education in the holy kindom of Saudi Arabia. My dad is not into politics neither to be an imam, even though the god fearing people of our ceesay kunda clan asked him to lead before the current imam. My dad has been leading the Eid sermons “Qutub” for over thirty-five years, way before the current imam, ask any one don’t take my words for it. So the question to you and your readers why not now? I recalled many years ago Imam Illo Ceesay came to my dad and asked for help, “quote” they chose me to lead and i know i don’t have the knowledge but I will count on you to teach me the sermons “qutub” end of qoute” when chosen by few elders to lead. matter of fact he was not in line to be the imam at the time, but his brother Sakou Nyara ceesay. Alhagie Omar Ceesay then took Illo into his arms, lifted him up by teaching him the week Friday sermons for over twenty years. So Ebrima Satu get back at your sources and get it straight.

  7. Bax , I know you will come to defend Yaya Jammeh whose regime has played divisive role in the lives of the people. You failed to blame the regime for their failure to educate citizens about democracy and republican values you talked about . But as always , you never squarely put the blame on the government whose failure in terms of civil right education, evil political process and its strategy to divide the communities and people are responsible for this conflict. What is the essence of having the government which cannot solve conflicts which predate its existence? The simply answer is to remove such government which you continue to sympathize and advocates for its continue oppression.

    • Please yourself bro, but I’m truly done with you. I am a sensible opponent of the regime; not a senseless one.

      In terms of the regime’s failures to fulfill its duties and responsibilities, in whatever sector that may be : health, education, agriculture, good governance, accountability (you name it), I will totally agree with views or opinions that expose these as far from adequate, but I don’t see the connection between these and my views on long standing practices that predate Yaya Jammeh.

      Obviously, you do somehow see the connection and hence, I can only say, “please yourself mate”…

  8. Is it true, someone with siders raided a pray ground to ordain themselves into Imam-ship?

    ‘One love families’ should be wise in case a deadly ‘state’ comes to stick its nose in its elderly disputes and polute their families’ minds with greed and eventual sycophancy. It is of my individual opinion that; issues, the trues or lies sorrounding them shouldn’t however be exeggerated or blown out of proportion in any how.
    Religious conflicts predate Yaya Jammeh but such conflicts have never been politicised in the Jawara governmnt much more seen as his advantage to draw people into secret circle of killers.

  9. Amadou Ceesay

    Please Fofana be sure of whatever you are saying between two parties when a conflict arises with them.As a journalist always try to have a clear source of a story before publishing it out as an imformation is faster than a bullet.It can be alter anyhow so its immcubent on you to take a clear and accurate source of a story.Don’t write a party’s name when the party is not involve in the inferno.It’s a libel over someone and could go jail for it.
    Politics has to deal nothing with our imamship in my home town.Imam ceesay did not tell you that he is part of a party nor he tell anybody about.Always make your stories to balance.You are tanishing the image of my home town by saying all those faul words to Omar ceesay which will not stop only with omar bit the entire of the people of salikenni.
    Journalism is a noble profession so please don’t try toake it a dirty job for those who will be inspiring to take that as a profession.Our imamship is left for us only and Allah will help us to solve the problem…may Allah make us all to find a clear source of a story before publishing it out.

  10. Lamin Ndow

    Mr. Fofoana, I found it very hard to believe that you are a journalist. If it is a self claimed journalism that’s fine but if it is something that you learned at an academic institution I feel sorry for you. In your writings, you seem to have a rage and the piece is very subjective. Objectivity should be key when writing a story in order to let the readers make the judgement but in this case you are the writer and the judge and you want your readers to succumb to it. The Gambia is a very divided country at this time and you try to inject politics into this issue in order to misinform your readers. You just don’t write a story as a journalist purely based on emotions. I hope you rescind this piece and apologize to your readers. Word of advise, next time you write please refrain from using those big word because it doesn’t make you look cool. Your writing skills are horrible and you have very a steep learning curve to explore. Sorry if you feel offended but it is the truth and I cannot hide from the truth. -:)

  11. Lamin Ndow

    My response is still awaiting in moderation. I have never visited this site before, however I respect Kairo news policy in making comments to its site. This is what responsible journalism should look like. We should be able to critique each other and find the basis for truth. From now on I will be frequenting this site and put in my two cents to make it better.

  12. Mr. Fofoana, I found it very hard to believe that you are a journalist. If it is a self claimed journalism that’s fine but if it is something that you learned at an academic institution I feel sorry for you. In your writings, you seem to have a rage and the piece is very subjective. Objectivity should be key when writing a story in order to let the readers make the judgement but in this case you are the writer and the judge and you want your readers to succumb to it. The Gambia is a very divided country at this time and you try to inject politics into this issue in order to misinform your readers. You just don’t write a story as a journalist purely based on emotions. I hope you rescind this piece and apologize to your readers. Word of advise, next time you write please refrain from using those big word because it doesn’t make you look cool. Your writing skills are horrible and you have a very steep learning curve to explore. Sorry if you feel offended but it is the truth and I cannot hide from the truth. -:)

  13. Bashing Fofana for bringing this eventful skirmish in Salikene to the public domain, in my view, is pure wish-wash commenting. For without him, this bloodletting /backstabbing in Salikene will go on unabated.
    The reactions that arise trying to set the record straight I fully welcome. We are now aware of what is going on in that once blessed town of Badibu and hope that common sense will return very soon. This village has many problems and in hindsight one can conclude that it is a troubled village whose demised into oblivion was sealed when Sheriff Dibba (erstwhile NCP) entered into the infamous alliance with this regime.
    Those refuting the report with insults should better go to work and heal the village wounds.

  14. Lovely Jobly

    I understand most of the respondent did not agree with Mr. Fofana on the accuracy of the report but none of you is ready to give their side of the story. This is an important issue that needs to be reported so that lessons can be learn. It is not good enough just to say it is bad journalism and it has been poorly written, it is in the public interest to know what had happen.

  15. Bintou ceesay

    Mr. Fofana I am very disappointed after reading your unbalanced, hypocritical lies about what you wrote without having the smallest information about the truth. I doubt if you have any formal education in the field of journalist. My advice to you is that before you write anything in the future make an indebth research before trying to tarnish people’s image that you have no idea about.

    • Ms Ceesay, an in depth research is not required here. Journalism is also about bringing uncomfortable secrets to light. Deny that the aforementioned skirmish didn’t take place. But in the contrary it took place. So counter with facts.

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