Jammeh Feeds Gambians With Donkeys

Slaughtered donkeys

Kairo News editors have been bombarded with reactions shortly after the publication of a story in which state security agents cautioned relatives and close friends to avoid eating President Yahya Jammeh’s voodoo-infested beef that awaits  unsuspecting shoppers at the market.  The talking agents have evidence that the voodoo-obsessed leader mixes beef with donkey meat, the goal being to instill fear among Gambians anytime his name is mentioned.

The story’s publication has forced the leakage of a picture evidence of Jammeh’s sinister donkey business. In the picture above, which was secretly taken at the President’s slaughter house in Kanilai, Jammeh’s butchers are seen skinning donkeys before being passed off as beef to unsuspecting Gambian shoppers, majority of who are Muslims. They won’t eat donkey meat for any reason.

This story is yet another clear manifestation that President Jammeh’s declaration of the Gambia as an Islamic State in December is shrouded in hypocrisy because most interpretation of Islamic dietary laws forbid consumption of donkey meat. In the words of one wise elder, “Yahya Jammeh is power drunk which is why he will do anything under the hot sun to remain in power. He will slaughter even his own mother to protect the presidency. But when Allah’s time comes, he will not have any choice.”



  1. Alimatou Sarr

    This story is so factual. Just last year Jammeh bought so many donkeys but all of them disappeared to God knows where. Well done Kairo News. Go for the kill, don’t leave out any of this monster’s dirty secrets.

  2. This is sick….

  3. Modou Lamin

    What a mess, This should alert Dr Zachir Naik for interfering and about the behaviour of The Gambia’s president, since he Dr Naik said “he jammeh is a good Muslim and I have discussed with him to declare Gambia an Islamic State”. Why don’t he Dr Naik convince his president of India to make his country an Islamic state, where rape and class status segregation is a norm

    • This has nothing to do with Zakir Naik. Zakir Naik knows nothing about secret life of yahya..please leave him alone. India is only 10 percent muslims and Gambia is 95 percent muslims. Zakir Naik meant good.ok.

      • Tapha; I’m 100% with you! Zakir Naik has nothing absolutely to do with whatever evil Yaya Jammeh is practising in our country. Zakir Naik has no knowledge of what other people think in their hearts, only God knows the hearts of His creatures. Yaya Jammeh is only good at manipulating the pious Muslim through his fake conviction of being a good Muslim, and the Gambians, particularly the young generation are very good at one thing, which is finger pointing. Instead of facing the real threat which is just a few meters away from their noses, they would choose to turn their heels from the real issue to unnecessary talk show. Yaya Jammeh is the only Gambian problem if you cut the head of the snake, the whole body of the snake will be disabled. Please, go for the threat and leave the most pious human being on the planet alone. Thank you.

    • Muhammad sanyang

      That Dr is now been banned from the UK because if his primitive beliefs. Jammeh just used money to lure him. It’s a kind of image making propaganda.

      • @Tapha, the way you write shows that a lot of Gambians are mentally affected by Jammeh’s art of voodooism with donkey meat and all. This type of doctors are the most freakiest ones as they dip their nose into country’s already dilapidated state of affairs and misrule. Indian Dr. what…….? Just meet those so-called muslims in their countries. Some will not even speak to you because you are black though they have a longest way to go to get a fair colored skin to be called white, something that do really impress people from that part of the world.
        We have to have the awareness to be able to send off all obstacles in our way to restoring democracy and a civil society. That is why the forums went as far as highlighting the meddling of Nigerian legal practisioners in the Gambia.
        I too think this revelation is very sick! very very sick situation. What a shameless hypocrite in white cloaks and prayer beads and his ‘something’ like a sacred scripture. Its hard to say but it is a horrible lesson we are learning.

        • Modou Lamin

          Thanks for your good sighting. very sickening and inhumane feeding people with this meat against their will and knowledge. evidently this might be reality yaya warns buyers not to re-sale his “Brazilian cow” meat, because he can differentiate his beef and locally bred beef

  4. This man is not only a monster, but also a shadow of Iblis. Satan can also give gifts, and this monster’s gifts are that of Satan. May Allah protect all of Gambia and Gambians from this demon.

  5. Thank you very much kaironews for publishing such a truthful story to educate unsuspecting Gambian population about the evil deeds of this monster sitting at statehouse in Banjul . Yaya Jammeh is obsessed with marabout business or voodoo . He has been doing this kind of evil and unthinkable ideas to Gambians for long time . He slaughtered all kind of animals and the meats are fed to his inner Circle and those who worked at statehouse and kanillia so that they would be loyal to him . Last year I made a commentary about how Jammeh used so called spiritual water from his marabout every night to wash his face , hands and feet in a big bowel of water and later that big bowel of so called spiritual water is used as a cooking water for various meals at statehouse and kanillia daily . This is usually done at night when his chief cook will bring the big bowel of water and Yaya Jammeh will bring his spiritual water from his marabout and carried out this nasty and evil contamination of water with his dirty feet and hands . They used the same water to cook food . The food they eat at statehouse is contagious and Yaya Jammeh has already washed his feet in the cooking water they consumed daily at statehouse. It is indeed very sad state of affairs about what is going in The Gambia but the truth is that those who work at statehouse and kanillia are not aware of such horrific practice. It is three or four closed aides like King papa ( body guard ) and his chief cooks who are aware of this practice. When it comes to protection and entrenchment of himself in presidency , Yaya will sacfrice his own mother just stay in power. Even online media such as Facebook , Yaya Jammeh used insulting names he ascribed to himself and act as an opponents of his own regime so that he could argue with diaspora. Yaya Jammeh’s criminality is beyond the thinking of ordinary Gambians. The evidence of all these stories will come to light when he leave power when Gambians will hear horror stories. Please keep up the good work to educate our fellow citizens.

  6. Janjanbureh

    Dictator Yaya Jammeh has never being a Muslim and he will do anything to disguise as a Muslim just to fool other people. The guy is an idol worshipper, a vagabond and a hypocrite. Our goal should be to get rid of this man before July 22, 2016 which require us to intensify the struggle after the end of Ramadan. This man is cancer in the soul of the Gambian people. Until we chase him out of our lives we will never have peace.
    Giving people donkey meat just to stay in power is the worst thing any human being can do to his fellow human being. Yaya Achu day.

  7. in love with Gambia


  8. I’m speechless…Simply unbelievable, but not beyond the man, given what he has become… May Allah (swt) forgive me if I made any wrong insinuation, because only He (swt) knows the truth.

    I cannot say much for my ignorance about the truth of these allegations (from serving donkey or dog meat, to washing his body parts in water used for cooking), but even the mere fact that these allegations are being made and persistently so, is cause for concern.

    It must surely be a heinous crime against a person to feed them meat (or food in general) that they would not have eaten if they knew what it was, and if it is done repeatedly on a mass scale, as the regular mass feedings in Kaninlai and distribution of meat around the country, then I would assume that this would constitute grounds to prosecute for crimes against humanity, because it is indeed, crimes against Gambians..

    However, on the flip side of the coin, as always, is the question of personal responsibility…What is the personal responsibility and culpability (in this alleged crime) of individuals who knowingly continue, not only to conceal this fact and serve this contaminated meat to the unsuspecting public, but also partake in its consumption regularly…?

    I certainly have no sympathy, whatsoever, for people who stuff themselves up with Jammeh’s freebies in Kaninlai, in light of all these allegations of contaminated meat..One would expect that people will be cautious with what they eat around Kaninlai and State House or be wary of what they receive from Jammeh, as food gift..

    Until Yaya Jammeh actually orders that guns be put onto people’s heads and be made to eat his foods by force, I will have no sympathy for people who indulge in fattening themselves with what can be donkey or dog flesh…

    As far as I’m concerned, wrong and disgusting as this alleged crime is, these people might as well become braying donkeys and barking dogs…That’s what they deserve to be…Children and minors exempted of course…

  9. Bax, if you lived in USA I would have bought my ticket to come to your apartment and give you education about Yaya Jammeh and what he is capable of doing. Whatever is said about Jammeh’s criminality, I can tell you it is 100 percent true . Some of his crime are beyond the thinking of ordinary Gambian and sympathizer like you .

  10. Every Gambian who thinks might have consumed the beef must be terribly jarred by such revelations.

    It is not a case that needs a long commentry. It is a horribly ‘awful state’ conspiration against innocent citizens and period.

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