UDP Spirit High Despite Brutality

pixlrDespite being confronted with state sponsored brutality resulting to the cold-blooded murder of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, opposition activist, the spirit among supporters and militants of the United Democratic Party remains high. Every one who supports the UDP, including the released 22 remanded May 9th protesters, believes the fight for a better Gambia is a noble one. After spending 51 days in illegal caprivity, the protesters were last Thursday released from Jan Jan Bureh Prisons unconditionally.

Soon after their released, these men and women who protested against mistreatment of the UDP leadership and murder of Mr. Sandeng, assembled at the residence of party leader in Pipe Line. The reunion iftar dinner — sponsored by their diasporan comrades — demonstrated to the freed protesters that they are not alone in the struggle to dampen the flames of the Gambia’s dictstorship that feeds on innocent bloods. 

Despite being locked up at Mile II Central Prisons, UDP faithfuls frequently camp at Lawyer Ousainou Darboe’s compound to offer solidarity and energise one another during the party’s most challenging period. In the spirit of oneness and comradeship, the freed remanded protesters joined others at Mr. Darboe’s compound to break fast and observed prayers. Like their colleagues fighting along with them outside, the freed detainees too comfortably call Darboe’s compound home. All of them see the need to unite in efforts and spirits.

The released protesters were amonh 39 other opposition sympathisers arrested on May 3rd st Westfield and Kairaba Avenue. They have since been held at Jan Jan Bureh Prisons without being charged or appeared in court, which violates their constitutional right. Six of the May 9th protesters were slapped with charges at Kanifing Magistrate’s Court. The six women freed on bail were accused of, among others, holding a protest without a permit.

However, 12 others who were arrested in connection to the opposition remain at Jan Jan Bureh. They are Modou Sarr, Jerreh Fatty, Solo Koroma, Bakary Marong, Alkali Sanneh, Lamin Sarjo, Kemo Touray, Kalilu Saidykhan, Lamin Dampha, Sheriff Suno, Tombong Njie and Muhammed Singhateh. These detainees are expected to appear before Justice O. Otaba at the High Court in Banjul on Tuesday, July 5th.



  1. We must redouble efforts to stand by UDP. If these guys succeed in breaking the back of the only formidable force on the ground, will tantamount to our collective failure. And it be a terrible precedent for our children.

    So let’s mobilise funds or kind and ensure that the families left are taken cared for.

  2. Thank you for standing up for justice and fairness. All of you will be remembered as heroes of The Gambia

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