22 Opposition Protesters Secure Bail

Some news just emerge that at least 22 remanded peaceful protesters have been granted bail. It wasn’t immediately clear whether any condition was attached to the bail of May 9th protesters. They are currently at the Police Headquarters in Banjul waiting for family members to sign bail paper and transport them home. Twelve May 9th protesters now remain in state custody.

The protesters were among others, charged with causing riot, protested against the illegal arrest and determination of the leadership of opposition United Democratic Party. Party leader, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe led hundreds of supporters to take to the streets demanding the state to produce Solo Sandeng dead or alive. Instead of listening to their grievances, the government deployed police Intervention unit officers to get dirty on peaceful protesters some of who including Mr. Darboe sustained injuries. They have since been arraigned before Jammeh’s kangaroo courts.

Among the May 9th protesters was the mother of a two month old baby Khaddy Samateh whose husband was among the April 14th protesters led by the late Solo Sandeng. It was not clear whether Khaddy had secured bail.



  1. 22 kidnapped citizens are going home for now until he drag them back to prison again or pay fine for being kidnapped. The Kanilai criminal enterprise headed by son of former bukarabo dancer unlawfully seized their freedom for months just because nothing would come out of it. I don’t know about you all but I want to empty one round of AK 47 in somebody’s head right now.

  2. ’22 Kidnapped Citizens’ is right @Troy. The word, ‘bail’ is even more painful and upsetting for this matter. One feels choked up and distressed with happenings in the Gambia. Time will tell but Jammeh the coward behind the country’s armoury of AKs needs similar AKs hunting down his head.