Jammeh’s Major Mistake: Exiling Gambians Since 1994


Yaya Jammeh’s biggest mistake is to have consciously social engineered to send hundreds of thousands of Gambians to exile. Since 1994, Yaya Jammeh wanted to change the demographic face of the Gambia by gradually replacing exiles with his Casamance brothers and sisters. He partly succeeded but little did Yaya Jammeh knew that the over 300.000 exile Gambians have become the fiercest freedom fighters against his regime, working day in day out to give him and his government the biggest headache of his life. The Gambia is not an island as such, everyday Jammeh must be brief about what Gambians are doing out there to damage his reputation, destroy his economy and weaken his brutal grip on the citizenry. For the first time since 1994, Yaya Jammeh legally and officially admitted having killed one Gambian. Why didn’t Jammeh accept even discussing the many past murders he committed over the years? Of course Jammeh is under pressure and is now confused as to what to do with a wardrobe full of skeletons. The little drop that made the cup to overflow has arrived with the death of Solo Sandeng. Jammeh is hit where it hurts.

Amongst the Gambian exiles there are over 100.000 university graduates, over 50.000 professionals and businessmen that can open doors and expose Jammeh at the highest level of world decision makers. It is paying off and Jammeh now feels it even if he tries to minimize it as he did with his utterances of a common thing to have one person die during interrogations?

Back home, one can see and feel that Jammeh lost the little sympathy left of the people more so amongst his sycophants. A lot of his followers are now talking and thinking post-Jammeh and have begun disowning him publicly just to be on record for tomorrow. (LoL). Very few people like to see or wear the green color nowadays, some even avoid going to his gatherings altogether. Those of us who live with them and have been vocal condemning him now laugh at them under cap when they tremble in their voices of distancing themselves and revoking their loyalties to him. Most see now him as inhuman, un-islamic and down right murderous as a president who dangles his false love of the people. His white robes are now painted red in the minds of the people.

I wish I could name names but I will spare their lives for the third republic. A lot of them are now thinking about how to avoid going to jail or exile when Jammeh is no more.

As Jammeh planned Allah also planned. Jammeh thought that by sending many Gambians to exile accord him the free ride to rule the Gambia all his lifetime. Jammeh even downplayed the constitutional age limit for a presidential candidate when the Jeune Afrique correspondent asked the question. Not today, thanks to the diaspora fighting up to ground zero in Dakar Senegal.

The Last ECOWAS Heads of States meeting in Dakar, in there resolutions, by passed Jammeh and sent a clear message to the Gambian Security Personnel to be careful in handling the people rights. That special message is to warn them that tomorrow they cannot hide behind an order or directive to dispense them from the weight of the law. That is the most powerful message the ECOWAS leaders send to the most dangerous enablers of Jammeh; the Security personnel. Were it not the Diaspora relentlessly exposing Jammeh in the world, no Gambian living at home dare go to the local press and denounce Jammeh and ask for sanctions against his brutal and undemocratic regime. Those who think that the diaspora are not giving sleepless nights to Jammeh better think again. The diaspora has virtually succeeded in keeping Jammeh a prisoner in the open Gambian prison just as he did to citizenry. For Jammeh to venture out of the Gambia has now become a big nightmare for him as his person, his mental state, his uncivilized language and brutal nature make him an UNDESIRABLE amongst his peers at ECOWAS and world leaders in general. All of these results are possible because of the hundreds of thousands Gambian exiles who relentlessly pound on his head until he became a prisoner in the Gambia vomited by the rest of world.

We the people on the ground are proud of you in the diaspora. We condemn those that condemn you. You have been able to keep the real WARMONGER in Open Prison Gambia.

The next battles ahead are to FREE Lawyer Oussainou Darboe and Co. who have done nothing wrong and bring to book the killers of Solo Sandeng as admitted by the State. The guilty must PAY the price according to law.

GOD Bless the diaspora Gambians.

Thank You.

Deyda Haidara


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  1. Thanks Haidara. The real bravo, in my opinion, goes to guys on the ground for their relentless efforts and bravery, staking their lives in the pursuit for constitutional rights prevalence. They are the real national pride including all those killed by the wild beast in the process over the years.

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