Jammeh’s Ethnic Vitriol Raises Concerns

downloadPresident Yahya Jammeh’s threats “to kill Mandinkas like ants” have raised concerns about possible tribalisation of the Gambia’s politics ahead of December general elections.

“I am shocked about the statement made by President Jammeh. Now, it
is the Head of State who is trying to bring conflict among the tribes.
This is very serious,” Omar Amadou Jallow of the opposition Peoples’
Progressive Party (PPP) told this reporter.

In a statement at a political rally at Tallinding (some 7 km from Banjul) last week, Gambian leader launched Verbal attacks on the ethnic Mandinka majority group,
describing them as “donkeys” and “vermins” who would be killed for protesting on the streets. “I will kill you like ants and nothing will come out of it,” said a leader whose ruling is marred by divisiveness.

Mr. Jammeh uttered the statement at a time the country finds itself soaked in unprecedented political crisis provoked by the cold-blooded murder of Solo Sandeng and the imprisonment of United Democratic Party leader Ousainou Darboe and dozens of party militants.

But the PPP leader described Mr. Jammeh’s statement as unguarded and insensitive. “This terrible statement does not augur well for the future of the country,” Mr. Jallow said, categorising Jammeh’s remarks as “hate crime.” Omar Jallow called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague to look into them.

“The ICC should look into this and start investigating Jammeh over
hate crime,” the former Agriculture Minister said.

Another Gambian who raised eyebrows on the remarks is veteran Gambian journalist. Demba Ali Jawo painted a picture of how a situation led to the Rwandan genocide. “That is indeed very scary as this is the type of language that the Rwandan authorities were using against the Tutsis during the run up to the 1994 genocide, in which more  than a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were massacred, making it the worst genocide ever committed in Africa in living memory,” he recalled.

The tiny West African is ruled by Yahya Jammeh who seized power in a 1994 military coup. Activists accused his regime of gross human
violations including continued clampdown on the media, opposition party supporters and journalists. He has vowed to vie for a fifth term.

Written by Abdoulie John



  1. He is seeing his terrible fate awaiting him. It seems yet people have to be convinced that a badminded, jealous and a lunatic man is dangerously incumbent in the countries most important position, playing hypocrisy to put the small population against each other.The guy is mad but many still won’t believe this. It has happen in the past in Africa, much more around our sub-region when some rulers and kings were typical madmen but indeed the cultural rhetorics and myths have made some of them heroes in the harp tones. Maybe he will call the killers form outside the Gambia but who knows every one has the love for peace just up to a certain level…..

  2. YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH IS MENTAL SICK AND MENTAL RETARD PRESIDENT. He is KILLER and he hate MANDINKA tribe period. But he will go to hell but mandinka tribe will exist. Mental retard YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH of the Gambia

  3. Soul of Mandinka

    Mandinkas were kings and masters. They conquered West Africa, built educational centers, sent pilgrims to Makka in caravans full of gold and other provisions to sustain themselves and any one they met on their way. Their King, Mansa Musa, donated gold to Egypt till it caused inflation. He established charity houses for the pilgrims in Makka and Madina. The mandinka kingdom sent an expedition across the Atlantic Ocean led by Mansa Abubakr. Mandikas are now citizens in almost every West African country. The history has acknowledged the master works and achievements of Mandinkas. Any one who hates these historical facts can go to hell, because no one can change the history. We should look forward and not backward. If the highest office in the Gambia has nothing to say, but to take us back to history, we will tell him in the history we were kings and masters. let him tell us what were they in the history. If you hate Mandinka, then go to hell. because you cannot change God’s creation. This is God given right to us that we conquered others to build our empires and that we will continue to exist till God’s time, and any one who hates that can go to hell.