Good News For Remanded Protester

_20160608_093405 Who says babies don’t have a stake in the struggle to liberate the Gambia from the clutches of dictatorship? A month’s old baby Aisha Fatty gained media limelight after she was detained with her mother who joined protesters to demand the release of her detained husband. Aisha and mother have since secured bail. Baby Aisha’s story has infuriated all sensible people across the world, though it exposed Jammeh’s brutality without boundary. By now the whole world knows that even breastfeeding babies are not spared Dictator Jammeh’s long whip.

But the world will now learn about the emergence of another baby whose father is denied bail. Modou Touray remains remanded in Mile II Central Prisons. The man, who protested with Solo Sanding and others on April 14th, last week had a bouncing baby boy.  Mr. Touray could not be home to be part of the naming ceremony, most joyful day for any father.  He remains highly spirited and grateful. Touray decided to name the child after after Lawyer Antouman Gaye. The seasoned humam rights lawyer is leading a team of lawyers defending April 14th and 15th peaceful protesters.

At a colourful naming ceremony at Manjai Kinda this morning, celebrants prayed for the protection of peaceful protesters and their families, particularly children who keep bombarding their mothers with unanswered qestions. Gambians have been asked to spread their blessed hands and pray for all the children affected by the inhumane barbarism of dictator Jammeh who is hell-bent on punishing children yet unborn. His government in the past detained and tortured pregnant until they aborted.

So many Gambian Children have been living with Jammeh’s unhealed wounds. They include children of Master Tamba Fofana, Fafa Nying, Deyda Hydara, Alagi Ceesay, Ebou Jobe, Mahawa Cham, Saul Ndow, Kanyiba Kanyi, and Basiru Barrow.  The list keeps widening on a daily basis.


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    please guy , look at the link , Gambia police has banned music and festivals in the Gambia with total disregard to non-muslim in the Gambia. I hope they also ban having four wives and declare war on jammeh for raping young girls , but that is not going to happpen .