Darboe & Co Trial: Lawyers Walk Out Of Court

lawyersSome news just in stating that drama unfolded at the High Court in Banjul today where lawyers defending remanded opposition protesters and supporters walked out of court in protest against the judge’s condoning of travesty of justice. Supporters and family members of the defendants also walked out, leaving the court in the hands of the shamed judge and the prosecution tasked with massaging Dictator Jammeh’s bruised ego.

This followed after Justice Dada made it clear she could not prevail on security officers to give defence lawyers and their clients privacy to discuss the proceedings. The security kept on interrupting client-lawyer discussions. The team led by Gaye also complained that their application made to Supreme Court should be taken precedence over the High Court case. But the Judge kept insisting she would proceed without giving any due regards to the law of the land.

Now Jammeh and his mercenaries thought they would have their way in court to use the state apparatus to legitimise what is purely illegitimate. Their goal from the word go is to suppress or tweak justice in their favour at all cost.

Darboe and co are full of confidence and high spirit.


One Comment

  1. The MURDEROUS kanilai LIAR & enabler mercenary elements in the kangaroo courts & judiciary will do everything in their devilish intentions to temporally incapacitate UDP politically & physically from the oncoming December election for their selfish short-term temporary gains; the same goes for the double opposition elements too & agents actively engaged in selfish manipulations of the collective struggle &/ sabotage as UDP are the only genuine alternative politically inclined selflessly on communal fraternity interests & truthful liberation….

    The defence lawyers are doing good job in standing up to the abusive manipulations which can only delay temporarily but won’t ever deter the successful liberation & justice for Gambia & humanity at large; anybody from yaya Killer DEVIL to aid abet enablers all knows despite temporary hitches, successful liberation can’t be stopped entirely; the genuine liberation committed Gambians are all in this together with UDP at forefront of the struggle UNTIL total liberation….

    Long live the Gambia….