Jammeh Talks And Acts Shameless

jammehTruly dictators are shameless. How can Yahya Jammeh who kill Jolas, Fulas, Wollofs, and others shamelessly delude himself that only Mandinkas are against him?
Gambians must end the curse of Yahya Jammeh. He talks Shameless, act Shameless, drive around Shameless, and attract Shameless educated folks.

Yahya Jammeh your age old trick will not work anymore. Too sad to see you resort back to playing victim. You are the biggest opportunist that eluded Gambians. You Mr Jammeh is the destroyer of Gambians. You are guilty murderer, you are the corrupt thief, more importantly you are the victimiser of peace loving easy going Gambians.

Everyone open their hearts to you regardless of origin or ethnicity. It was you who betrayed the whole Gambia and planted seeds of divisions. You live on lies and survive on it. Now that you are exposed you are making your Shamelessness something to brag about.

This is not a struggle between you and one section of the Gambia. It is a struggle between democratic Gambians and you and your vampire circle of friends.

Foday Jawla


One Comment

  1. True talk. Jammeh betrayed the trust of the people, misused his office and looted the nation not to mention his spread of immortality across the nation.
    Jammeh is shameless, a tragedy, waste of space and time. His time is up Whether he likes it or not. Danka din…