Jammeh’s Brutality Beyond Borders

A deadly attack on Musa Sarr in Senegal is yet another manifestation of President Yahya Jammeh’s arrogance without borders.

Sarr, a deserted former military officer implicated in the December 2014 attack on State House, was attacked by Jammeh’s thugs. Their goal is to teargas, tie and bundle him to Banjul for crucifixion. The mad president would have rewarded them with a bull and line up their pockets. As shown in the attached picture, Sarr escaped the deadly attack, although with severe injuries.

For far too long Yahya Jammeh has been sending his criminal thugs to spy, kidnap or kill Gambians in Senegal.

These thugs have made life miserable for Gambian refugees in Senegal. All of these people have been wounded by the Jammeh government to the extent that they fled the country. Their only goal is to search for peace and security. But it is now apparent that the country that promises to guarantee their security and safety has woefully failed them. The same thugs kidnapped Saul Ndow and Mahawa Cham whose whereabouts remain unknown. They attempted to kidnap even journalists. One of the journalists who escaped kidnapping was Yaya Dampha. Not even a former vice chairman of the AFPRC junta was spared. Sana Sabally served his nine-year sentence in Mile II. He was released but left the country for security reasons. Sabally fled to Senegal where he would be trailed and spied on wherever he went. At one point, Jammeh’s security thugs almost succeeded in sending him to Jammeh to bury him six feet deep.

The attack on Sarr has again demonstrated how vulnerable Senegalese government is when it comes to dealing with Yahya Jammeh, the man who has been sponsoring rebellion in the country’s Southern region. Despite widespread pressures, President Macky Sall is yet to issue a pubic statement on Jammeh’s excessive use of force.


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