Jammeh Wrestles Tour Frustration

JammehPresident Yahya Jammeh has been reeling with shock of being abandoned in his traditional stronghold areas. He had no recourse to embark on a 19-day countrywide tour but Jammeh left with a high-powered delegation. Unlike previous tours, the last one which wrapped up in six days, has availed the Bully President enough opportunity to gauge his government’s popularity. In all the major towns he had visited, Jammeh’s rent-a-crowd outnumbered residents. This forced him to wind up the tour that had left a bruise on his ego, forcing him to throw some jibes at men of Sutukonding. While he cursed Sutukonding men for ignoring him, Yahya Jammeh loaded insults in women of his native Jola tribe, describing them as “sex toys.” One Jola woman called Jammeh’s description “the biggest insult on Gambian women. Did Yahya Jammeh forget that his mother too is a Jola woman?”she asked.

It had been a weekend of disappointment for the president in Brikama where people refused to attend his gathering. Jammeh was so frustrated and angry that he had cancelled his Darsilameh rally. The cancellation was blamed on fears of a repeat Brikama scenario. The leader, who brags about extra-judicial killings and even asked the United Nations Sectary General Banki-Moon to “go to hell” for calling for investigation into the death of Solo Sandeng in state custody, could not fathom why majority of the people who welcomed him in Brikama were school children who were forced to line up on the streets. The disgraced and unhappy leader left in a hurry, with bats running from the presidential motocade sirens.
Last night he cancelled his scheduled meeting because of poor attendance. He is scheduled again for another political meeting at Tanji in the Kombo North. The multi-billion dollar question is whether the coastal villagers will emulate the people of Brikama, the birth place of Information Minister Sheriff Bojang. That will nail the coffin on the bloodthirsty Dictator’s head. At the time of writing this piece, Mr. Jammeh is yet to appear in Tanji, though his advance team has been around for several hours.



  1. Kudos to the people of Brikama. It is better to turn our backs to the monster and his cabal and bloodsuckers from now onwards. No one should be welcoming him and his entourage to show him that his time is finish and he should find an exit routh b efore it is too late for him. Long life the Gambia and her consious citizens.

  2. Jammeh is a disgrace and evil….