Disagreement Over Jurisdiction In April 14 Protest Case


News just in highlighting that, protesters Legal defence team Decline to Travel to Mansakonko for the April 14 protest hearing today. The issue of disagreement is about Jurisdiction of the alleged crime. The incident did not happen in Mansakonko territory.

The Chief Justice is said to be already notified by the defence lawyers and the state has to leave the case in the Jurisdiction where protest happen or prosecute without lawyers.

Are Gambian Lawyers shaking the legal system also? People want them to adopt the Universal style of doing briefings after each hearing. That will elevate  the crowds in a highly politically motivated.

One of the lead lawyers in the case confirmed to Kairo News that “we will not travel to Mansakonko for the case.”

In a post-Jammeh era there will be lots of systematic institutional changes in all spheres of governance and law…so this is a step in the right direction.

Supporters of the April 14 and 16 protesters will travel to Banjul High court today for the hearing. Gambian lawyers are accused of pomposity, detachment from the ordinary person and difficult to communicate when needed by clients.  In post-dictatorship, many modernisation has to take place to bring our legal institution to modern standard. The Lawyers are providing a pro-bono service for all the protesters which is a welcome development in the Gambia.

Transferring of the case is the government’s calculated decision to drain the energy and resources out of the opposition. However, one United Democracy Party activist said this would have provided publicity to the case upcountry.

“I would have loved to see our provincial people get involved in their own areas. We will always stand with our heroes no matter what,” the activist wrote.

Kiangkas and Jarrankas may not be needed at Mansakonko today since all the defense lawyers decline the state’s request to transfer the to Mansakoko. Unless something change in the coming hours the trial up country will not take place.


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