Jammeh’s Tour Of Frustration

JammehThis is a snaphot of dictator Jammeh’s so called nationwide tour. The tyrant and his entourage face one disappointment after another since they crossed Barra last Monday.

The dictator went straight to Faarafenni, a town devastated by his (Jammeh’s) reckless tariff hike resulting to the Gambia-Senegal border impasse, the 10th since Jammeh seized power in July 1994. Faarafenni town and its satellite villages have since lost their economic viability.  Shops have closed in Yelitenda/Bamba ferry crossings. This was why Jammeh had encountered serious disappointment and neglect in the area. As usual he communicated his anger and frustration through hauling insults at the opposition.

At Janjanbureh, Jammeh’s anger grew, with members of his time entourage sending messages saying they felt like being undressed in public. The problem here is that no serious person welcomed them. The people on tour are the same people that attend meetings. Jammeh felt his government’s scare mongering needed to be employed. It was then he boast of killing people and that he is set to not only kill but cut dead bodies into pieces.

It is evidently morally and religious wrong for anyone to have sort of support or sympathy for person who brags about killing. It is now up to diaspora and those at home to educate their family and extended family. A self confessed murderer should not be given any support. It is forbidden to do so.

At Wulli, Jammeh was welcomed by school children and some women. He could not bury his anger at Sutukonding bantaba where he cursed Wuli men for abandoning him. He said as a punishment the women will rule over men in the area.

Mr. Jammeh said he felt sad about the bad road conditions in Wuli. He however said he would not break his earlier promise to fix the poor road network in the area.

He returned to Basse and proceed to Bansang and making night stop around Soma.

Jammeh’s entourage had a rude shock at Gambisara Where the Alkalo couldn’t get traditional Sarahuleh musicians to entertain fun-loving leader. To avoid a brouhaha with the dictator, the Alkalo imported entertainers and drummers from the nearby border villages.

Gambisara Alkalo was said to have threatened the current MP for Basse Hon Muhammad Magasy to cross carpeted to APRC. The Independent MP, who felt insulted for being asked to coalesce with Yahya Jammeh, told Alkalo Sillah that “I will rather go with MP seat to hell than join APRC.”

The tour — shortest and most disorganised in Gambian history –was a complete failure.



  1. Alimatou Sarr

    When shall this madness come to an end? O Lord help oppressed people of Gambia. The pain is just too much to bear.

  2. Jammeh is an angry man who think that he own the people of The Gambia . If Diaspora continue to discourage their family members about Yaya Jammeh , we will succeed soon . In farafenni , he has threatened diaspora and their families in The Gambia . He lives his life on threatening people while he surround himself with military . He is a coward . Let him just venture out in the Broad day light without any body guards , he will regret why his mother is Asombi Bojang . Jammeh is a criminal . He used his jugulars to call people with unknown numbers and threaten them . This is what he does what he need something or when someone stand up to him . Majority of the jugulars are cowards who live on drugs and alcohol .

  3. Jammeh is a tragedy…..