Why Jammeh’s Helpers Must Right Their Wrongs

JammehThose that helped keep Jammeh in the Gendarmerie and the Army when General Pathe Seck of Senegal wanted him out, should not relent in seeing that their fateful mistakes are righted.

Those that helped Jammeh stay at the State House during President Jawara’s days should also work hard to right those yesterday wrongs.

Those comrades in arms that helped Jammeh topple Jawara’s regime should now fight hard to right theirs wrongs of yesterday.

Those who helped Jammeh enact bad laws and policies in our books should now fight hard to right their wrongs.

Those that help Jammeh steal elections should now right their wrongs.

Those that help Jammeh steal the Gambia’s economy should now fight to right their wrongs.

Those who advice and praise Jammeh in his diabolic stratagem should now strive to right their wrongs.

Those who now guard and protect his physical being should now arrest him and end the nighmare.

Yaya Jammeh is a BIG SHAME to the honorable Jola tribe and should be forthwith disowned, discarded and thrown in the dustbin of Gambian history by ALL the Jola community. Only then will the Jolas be respected as unbiassed, patriotic and humanly for making their bad and evil son a thing of the past. In every human creation there are good ones and evil ones and surely the evil ones should not be protected for any reason whatsoever by his tribe, for they are a big nuisance for the maintenance of peace and harmony of a nation.

No Gambian, be you Jola, Mandinka, Fula,Wollof, Sarahuleh, Aku, Hausa and Njago should let one more DAY Lawayer Oussainou N Darboe and Co. languish in Jail for the simple pleasure of an evil president bent on destruction of human life rather the uplifting of human DIGNITY.

Deyda Haidara


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