Detained Gambian Baby Secures Bail

Jammeh's youngest victimAfter spending 10 days in illegal detention, a month’s old Gambian baby is going home. Baby Aisha had been in detention since the arrest of breast-feeding mother Khaddy Samateh exactly 10 days ago. She was picked up along with other peaceful opposition protesters at Kanifing on May 9th. Khaddy joined the crowd to protest against her husband’s detention.

Unlike Justice O. Otaba of High Court who denied peaceful protesters bail, Kanifing Magistrate Hillary Abeke granted the May 9th women protesters the right to be with their families.

Among the women granted bail include Sukai Database nicknamed Gambia’s Winnie Mandela and Lily Bojang, the Chairwoman of United Democratic Party in Brufut. Lily is currently admitted in hospital.

Gambians accorded detained protesters with cheers, singing and clapping outside the court. Activists hailed the court’s decision as a first victory in the fight to liberate the Gambia from the clutches of entrenched dictatorship. Some said it is a sign that the mounting pressure on the Jammeh regime to stop meddling into dispensation is paying off.



  1. This show how callous and evil dictator Jammeh is . Baby Aisha is lucky to secure bail . Jammeh has been killing babies for ritual purposes . We are grateful that baby Aisha is still alive .

  2. Alimatou Sarr

    Baby Aisha’s right eye looks swollen. I will not be surprised if Jammeh’s dogs harm her.

  3. It’s the relentless pressure of Gambians & friends in the International Community paying off….

    Even the devilish equivalent edward singhateh is also advocating for the Gambian fraternity family mediation for the release of the other comrades at the high court; the issue have indeed turned out a very hot potato to handle; the Murderous kanilai KILLER DEVIL & devilish enablers are looking for all sorts of face-saving ways to quench the issue; what they fail to realize, none is willing & ready to sign away our God-given birthrights for no further or future demonstrations….

    Nobody can claim to know the Gambian Constitution better than Lawyer Ousainou Darboe; DEVIL yaya jammeh & aid abet enablers have realised they have bitten far more than can be chewed much more swallowed….

    Meanwhile the kanilai DEVIL can tour the country, insult & threaten the unschooled peasantry population so as to temporarily curb the spread of the civil actions; & come down to face the reality in the end….

    No retreat, no surrender; it’s total liberation for the Gambia until total freedom……