Sheriff’s Colour We Never Know

Gambia's Minister Bojang Demonstrating in London - SAFELYUntil he had officially become a member of President Yahya Jammeh’s criminal government in early 2015, Sheriff Bojang had been admired and revered for his God-endowed writing skills. Any time the name Sheriff Bojang is mentioned, people think of that smart, talented journalist whose essays are loaded with literary sense. He becomes everyone’s child. Almost all Sheriff’s high school teachers have beaten drum for him.

Bantaba with Sheriff Bojang 1But Sheriff Bojang’s appointment as Minister of Information has revealed a different character. He is no longer that man who believes in freedoms and rights in their entirety. As pointed out by Dida Halake, Sheriff protested in London without being killed by the police why is the same man conniving with others to deny the opposition the right to protest peacefully. This is Sheriff Bojang’s colour no one — not even his many journalist talibes — know nothing about. What is responsible for this once admired Brikama Prince’s sudden change of behaviour is anyone’s guess. The Sheriff we know spent decades fighting against human rights, promote democracy, the rule of law and freedoms. How can the same Sheriff be in the heart of a government whose security forces tortured to death an opposition member? Perhaps, our Sankaranka prince had kept away his true colours from all of us.

Photos provided courtesy of Dida Halake



  1. Sheriff Bojang and Mr Halifa Sallah are the same characters. Halifa Sallah too has been fooling Gambians like Dictator Jammeh for years. I think Sherif Bojang is even better than Mr Sallah because we know now his true position but nobody really knows the true position of Mr Sallah. He cannot work with anyone except himself. I distrust people like him who are pretending and never make their true position known. Such people are dangerous people. Secretly, I 100 % believe that mr sallah is working for Jammeh. He is an agent of legitimizing dictatorship. This is why he will never agree with UDP for any thing. Since NADD was formed up to today, he has been an obstacle. Don’t trust his rhetoric or eloquency. He stands for nothing.

    • If only you listen to others, instead of yourself, you will realise that you are an isolated voice.

      Lawyer Darboe’s letter from prison urged citizens to be law abiding. He does not share your view of targeted killings.

      The UDP has published a situational report and in it, they praised the opposition leaders for their support and solidarity.

      Thus, you have become isolated in your endless tirades against opposition leaders and advacating for senseless killings.

      The bond between the opposition, despite differences on alliance format, is strong, mutual and cordial.

      • Bax, please stop making things up . I am not for any targeted killings . I am for removable of Jammeh by any means necessary . Yaya Jammeh is the only person who should be targeted and get rid of and Anyone who killed innocent citizens must be taken to court and face the consequences . I hope you get that . Jammeh has set the foundation for his own demise when he is captured . If he step down today and hand over the country , we will call for national reconciliation but if he fail to step down he will face the same fate as his mentor col Gaddifie . This is what is waiting for him .
        I love my country and I am not advocating for any violence . We will continue to do what we are doing and change strategy if need be . Our citizens rights must be restored and freedom will once again come to Gambia.
        You sound like dictator Jammeh because any time we demand our rights , you accused people of advocating for violence . It is the same tactics Jammeh is using and he will go to his playbook and use national security to threaten people while pdois will come up their agenda about the “way forward “. They will also publish their party’s manifestos to confuse people while they will act as refereer without taking any position . This has been their strategy to distract and diffuse the tension in the country . Those who are Observants will realize that pdois will release their party agenda or programs only during crisis . It happened during December statehouse attack and recently it happened during this protest . It was just pure distraction .
        As for the UDP diplomatic language regarding the opposition support , that was meant for those geniune opposition leaders such as GMC and individual members of other opposition but not leaders who refused to show leadership . UDP is all inclusive , tolerance , law abiding and respect rule of law . It is a party of broad coalition of diverse people of our country and this has been demonstrated in the party structure , leadership and support base. A true leader will also try to unite people and tap into our best angels but he is also the bravest , well-mannered and down to earth . Lawyer Darboe is never a big mouth or the one who claimed to be most knowledgeable like your leaders such as Jammeh and his political grandfather Halifa . Anytime the pressure is built on you disciples , I noticed you come up with a claim that UDP leadership appreciate the efforts of pdois leadership as pdois is doing something extraordinary . Please give us a break and be honest about your party leadership indecisiveness and indifference .

  2. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    When Sheriff was appointed, he claimed that it was “under duress” – that it was an “offer he couldn’t refuse”. That I know. I refused and got detained (but London involvement saved me from possible death in Mile 2). I told Sheriff to “BODJE” and retain your honour – and you could become a future president of The Gambia. That was my advice. But Sheriff sold out all his principles. The man, who in a front-page Editorial in the pages of the Daily Observer blamed Deyda Hydara’s killing on the Jammeh regime, now attacks his own blood uncle for Jammeh, justifies a trade unionist’s torture and killing – and justifies the Killing of Solo Sandeng with the words “Who started it”!

    And yet, if only he had done the BODJE …

  3. I am begining to believe that Lafia is a member of the UDP executive currently on trial otherwise, how can he go stone-silent in the face of the political developments in the country? Max my advice to you is that Halifa is not your class and match. If you had got his qualifacation and social standing, you would have been busy doing something else. The fact that you show your disdain and contempt for him in your every posting indicates that he must have been a bone in your throat that will send you to your early grave.

    • Bamba , I do not have anything aganist mr sallah personally as a private citizen . I have a problem with his distorted political views and his dishonesty to Gambian people . Mr sallah and I are all citizens , so I do not see him as better than me and he is more qualify than me in any position. He may have experience than me in terms of his longitivtiy in politics but I might have better judgment and wisdom than him . Experience is not a virtue but good judgement and wisdom are what matters in our national discourse . Can you tell me what mr sallah can do that I cannot do ?

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Hey! Hey! I am here monitoring event back home as everyone else.


      • Good to know this. Time must be exceedinly precious to you right now, the reason perhaps why you are rare on line…..
        Thanks for clearing doubts.

  4. Everyone may doubt so, if @Lafia is not a member of the UDP executive currently on trial. However, I will pay him respect for his matured political personality in the Kairo online news. My disappointment will be when @Lafia starts classing and matching citizens qualifications and social standings. That way, some day in the Gambia, I will not vote for him even as a presidential candidate, because that comes down to reflecting one thing; the hegemonious kings and rulers of the sub-region and their errand praise singers who have only succeded in knitting our societies with too many tradition without purposes.
    I think engaging opinions, view points and contributions is very right and spot. Folks should learn to handle criticism by responding with reasons instead of feeling it like a pin in the throat. Some people demonstrate to be ‘graves’ themselves when it is ‘life’ that responsible Gambians are trying to show respect to and upkeep.
    Respect and love for all those arbitrarily arrested and politically imprisoned and tried, including their families and loved ones.