Baby Among Jammeh’s Victims

Jammeh's youngest victimA four week’s old baby has become the youngest victim of Yahya Jammh’s brutality.

IMG-20160510-WA0001The baby, currently in detention with her mother Kaddy Fatty at the Police Intervention Unit in Kanifing, is among more than two dozen peaceful protesters rounded up at Kanifing on Monday. Kaddy’s husband Modou Fatty remains in detention at Mile 2 Central Prison since his arrest on April 16th. Mrs Fatty and her baby were arrested while Kaddy was protesting against the detention of her husband.

Many people fear the health and safety of the baby and her mother who find themselves in the hands of a government that spares no one its wrath. The same government detained the heavily pregnant wife of Colonel Ndure Cham in March 2006. Awa Darboe was said to have lost her baby mainly due to her bad treatment. She was punished for her escaped husband’s crime.

In August 2009, Gambian journalist spent her first three days in Mile 2 Central Prison witb 10-month old son who required breast feeding. On the third day, however, prison officials took him away. Prison authorised Sarata’s family members to bring the baby for breastfeeding every day.

The exact number of arrested peaceful protesters was not not. So far the arrest of 22 people has been confirmed.


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  1. Kairo News

    Please if you are able to obtain this baby’s name, please include in the list of detainees; & his or her only crimes charged with is “to be born to opinionated parents who expressed opinions on issues of communal concerns”; (issues) which equally matter to all Gambians as legitimate stakeholders as citizens….

    With all these goings-on, who can say that the Gambia is a “peaceful society”, & that our reactions are to be guided within the stipulated laws, which are being deliberately broken by the very custodian & machinery entrusted in charge & expected to withheld by all means & play by…?

    Now, is ‘Fitna’ asleep in Gambia or widely awakened, alive & kicking; & who awake the ‘Fitna’….??

    How does the Qur’an referred & defined “hypocrites” still trail on their continuous false preachings for selfish ends only, with misinformation for the oppressed masses for whatever reasons be known….???

    These devilish accomplices must remember every actions & intentions visible or covered are all known to God Almighty, have repercussions & will all be accounted for & rewarded accordingly….

    Mandingo Prince Dida

    My handset, as occasionally happens, decided not to enable me to comment under your translation of comrade Nogoi’s testimony; I haven’t been able to see your Emperor Haili-Dida Halake anointment on the link you mentioned; I’m considering your request; you shall be crowned Gambian Mandingo Emperor once after the liberation completion; you are indeed contributing your invaluable quota towards the liberation of your fellow African people & humanity for the matter; keep it up…