ECOWAS dismisses Jammeh’s Complaint

macky-colereYaya Jammeh’s compliant to ECOWAS on the Gambia – Senegal border closure that is now on its 12th week has been dismissed outright because Gambia’s non-observance of existing conventions, protocols and bi-lateral agreements.

It turns out that The Gambia had not completed the ratification process of the regional body’s Convention on the Inter-State Road Transit, the operational protocol Senegal might have violated.  But because Banjul failed to ratify it, the complaint filed by The Gambia becomes moot, further demonstrating the incompetence of the Jammeh regime at its best.

The immediate question that comes to mind and which led us previously to question the wisdom of the Jammeh team filing a compliant with ECOWAS route while concurrently pursuing the bi-lateral route with Senegal.

This strategy led us to conclude that Jammeh was shooting himself in the foot by electing to pursue the two-pronged approach because of the inadvertent preemption of the bi-lateral approach it will cause because Senegal will be forced to wait for ECOWAS to pronounce on the matter before sitting down with Gambia around the negotiation table.

Gambia’s complaint was filed to seek relief from ECOWAS by getting Senegal to open the border which was closed by boycott action of its transport union to protest the 10,000% unilateral tariff increase which contravenes current bi-lateral agreement between the two countries.

The only option left for The Gambia to pursue is the diplomatic route by opening bi-lateral negotiations with Senegal to discuss the reported proposal that Gambia wants Senegal to consider which should have been the one and only option for The Gambia.

This option is not without its  problems, especially as Jammeh is currently wageing what appears to be a war against his own people by unleashing, yet again, the military on peaceful protesters against the dictatorship.  International reactions, including strong condemnations, of the use of violence by the military to quell last week’s peaceful demonstration that led to deaths, arrests and disappearances have been swift.

Yesterday’s equally violent use of force by Jammeh’s military against peaceful protesters is expected to generate similar international reaction.  Senegal, increasingly concerned about Jammeh’s behavior that has led to the instability in the Gambia, is no exception.

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  1. Janjanbureh

    Dictator Yaya Jammeh is a fool and incompetent . He thinks that he can use the ECOWAS whenever it suits him. He has continually refuse to respect all the judgements passed against him and his government in the ECOWAS court. Now, he is acting like a damn fool by bringing Senegal to the courts when he was the one started the fight in the first place by closing the border and by charging exuberant prices to the transporters in crossing the border posts into The Gambia.
    Please Senegal ignore this rascal until the Gambian people get rid of him and have a new government..

  2. Yaya jammeh & mercenary cohorts & elements are facing God’s wrath which no devilish lies, genies, idols & guns can safe them from……

    The bankrupt kanilai bandit is requesting for ECOWAS to fund the already compromised sham deceitful so-called elections which could only serve for entrenched legitimisation of our Murderous status quo….

    All decent human beings of conscience will see through the fake kanilai Killer DEVIL; only those hypocrites without God & human decencies in them, can say otherwise….

  3. Any which way, jammeh will have to go and go forever. It has now finally started.

    Killing solo and arresting the UDP leadership and her supporters has marked the beginning of his end of this tragic regime. Every event needs a catalyst and this is it for Jammeh. If not 2016, early 2017, he will be no more. Bit by bit, little by little evil shameless jammeh is fading away

  4. What a shame of a government..? What shambles.? How can any government invoke and rely on a protocol that it hasn’t even ratified, to.settle.a.dispute with another government and state..? Such incompetence is simply beyond belief.

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