Of Gambia’s Remanded Brave Mothers

brave womenThis year’s Mother’s Day is not a celebration for the children of Fanta Darboe-Juwara. For more than two decades each year Fanta smiled as her children, husband and friends congratulated her for taking the pains, troubles and patience of going through Motherhood. Only those who go through it know how it feels or hurts. Every stage of Motherhood is marred by risks that sent many mothers and would-be mothers to the next world. Their quest to give life to another human often result to their death.

As a show of appreciation to mothers for their unique role as producers and reproducers, the United States dedicate a single day to mothers. On this day, children assemble in their mother’s house not only to smile and exchange pleasantries but also help mum with chores. They buy flowers for their mother and take care of all her day’s chores. In some communties, families gathered around camp fire at night, which all put smile on a mother’s face. The day is a simple reminder of the fact that without motherhood societies would have long ceased to exist.

Denial of bail by Yahya Jammeh’s mercenary judge has prevented Fanta from receiving her family’s appreciation this Sunday. How do you expect these children to forgive Monster Jammeh taking into consideration that Fanta and all peaceful protesters exercised their civic right to protest?

We want the children of all remanded women in Mile 2 to remain strong because in the end power will get back to its original owners, Gambian people. When that happens, there will be more Famara Wassa Tourays to celebrate. Famara took the independence idea into his hands ans crisscrossed the whole country to sell the Protectorate People’s Party agenda. He was arrested by the colonial government but he ended up becoming a celebrated national hero.

We dedicate this year’s mother’s day to Fanta Darboe-Juwara, Fatoumata Jawara, Fatou Camara and Nogoi Njie for their bravery to pave way for the liberation of their oppressed people. Because of the peaceful protesters Calabash Revolution was born. Fear has become the first casualty, which will ultimately lead Gambians to as Dr. Martin Luther King put it to “the mountaintop.”



  1. A very uplifting message . We congratulate our mothers for their continue dedication , love , care and wise words in guiding our families . We are indeed proud of you all especially the brave mothers who took the biggest step to liberate our country . Gambian people are with you in every step of the way . Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful and lovely Mothers who instill the values of human rights , respect for human life and dignity in their children .

  2. Indeed very callus cowardice of yaya syndola-IBLIZ JILLAW’ TADD & DEVIL cohorts for the kidnaps & maltreatment degradation of our own women, citizens & human beings….

    Any of us, imaginatively step (ourselves), into these defenseless women’s shoes; or (put) our sisters & wives (in their places), including yaya syndola-IBLIZ JILLAU’ TADD very self, & (it) DEVILS; (&) see how we (each) feel…..?

    Whatever ELSE is left of us, as a people….??

    Yet there are some of us who literally side, colluded & join yaya jammeh in crimes (being, & continue to be) committed; whilst others tend to take us for riding; making meals, feeding on our bloods & souls; while some take to exploit for partisan individuality aggrandizements….???

    Female & male; all Gambians & friends have roles, & parts to play in the Gambia liberation struggle; history will judge each & everyone of us; & reward accordingly; due to our actions & deeds….

    Sooner or later, freedom, the brainchild of their noble sacrifices, will be won & regained; justice will be done for redress in their case, & any other crimes committed, for that matter….

    Long live Gambia……

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