Re: Why Jammeh Whips His Brother

jammehIn as much as I see Ansumana an enabler of Yaya Jammeh, let us put the records straight. What the writer said is not the only determining reason why Ansumana was arrested.

1- Ansumana and Co; were under NIA financial investigations for the past 3 months ordered by a mad JK.

2- Ansumana is accused by his brother Yaya to have diverted a lot of monies purportedly own by Jammeh.

3- Ansumana built a big and expensive mansion which Yaya wants to lay his hands on.

Now for the history, from 1994 to date Yaya Jammeh used and dumped his relatives. At first it was Abdoulie and James Kujabi, then the Ben Jammeh family and finally Pa Bojang and Ansumana Jammeh.

These relative were fighting each other and throwing each other under the bus for want of influence and power. Yaya Jammeh played one against the other and now the last family batch of Pa and Ansumana finally were elbowed out by the Badjie family of the NIA, State Guards and GAF helped in this by the two Sonkos of IGP and Interior ministry.

By now Yaya is totally surrounded by non family members and is now in a vulnerable position to be toppled, arrested and jailed at his Miles 2 Hotel. Just watch!

As for Ansumana, Pa, Ben, James and Abdoulie their problems with JK [Jallow Kanilai] is all about money and nothing else. As for Haruna, Marcie and Jasaja is all about mysticism and nothing else.

Yaya Jammeh’s obsession problems are money, mysticism, power and women.

Deyda Hydara


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  1. Hydara , since 1994 Yaya Jammeh has been using his extended family who he hates so much and also ordinary Gambians . Ordinary Gambians has played a huge role in Jammeh’s regime political activities and governance . Those that Yaya Jammeh love so much such as his half brother Ousman Jammeh who he share the same mother is protected and has not been a public figure in his regime . In fact Ousman Jammeh is not known in The Gambia but Yaya Jammeh’s extended family such as Ansumana jammeh , Pa Bojang and others were all known to Gambians . He used his extended family just like he used ordinary Gambians and dumped them. Don’t be surprise to see that he can used Badjie and Sonko brothers and dumped them too . Remember his best IG Badgie whose blood brother is the head of the military while IG Badjie was tortured and send to prison . Jammeh has put surveillance on each of these Badjie and Sonko brothers and those individuals are well paid more than their boss and they report directly to Jammeh . Some of the people who spy for Jammeh to monitor these Badgie and sonko brothers do not have any ranks in the military , police or NIa . Their role is to monitor and spy for him while the jugulars carry out the arrest , torture and murders . There is distrust between the Badjie and Sonko in the military , police and NIa . This is why there is always a failure for any plan to remove him .

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