UDP Alerts Leadership Poison Plot

imagesWe have established that The Gambia government through the interior minister Ousman Sonko has embarked on quest to acquire poison through illicit sources in Eastern Europe.

The regime of Yahya JAMMEH has over the years employed various methodologies to carry out extra judicial killings and other atrocities ranging from outright execution with firearms, extensive torture leading to fatality and administration rudimentary poisoning from sources like acids from lead batteries.

For the first time, the government is attempting to source industrial toxins and add to its arsenal of terror.

We are serving notice that the government of The Gambia will bear full responsibility for all detainees under its custody who continue to be denied access by family members and medical care despite suffering injuries inflicted by agents of the state. Detainees are also denied food from family making the state the sole provider of everything they consume.

Consequently, the Gambian people will not tolerate any attempt to bring harm to the heroes illegally held in prison. We demand their full and unconditional release, a full accounting of all arrested personnel, and comprehensive reform.

To our compatriots in the fight for freedom, we urge you to redouble your efforts to see this seminal battle through.

Let us remain united in purpose, focused on our common objectives and get the job done together. A free and democratic Gambia is within grasp. Let us March on.

Thank you!

Issued by UDP Gambia


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