State Produces Tortured Protesters

fatou camaraThe tyrannical regime of Yahya Jammeh has finally blinked and produced four of the missing April 14th peaceful protesters demanding for electoral reforms ahead of December presidential elections. The embattled government today paraded Nokoi Njie, Fatou Camara, Fatoumata Jawara and Modou Ngum in High Court in Banjul. These peaceful protesters have gone missing since their arrest in mid-April.

The state’s silence on their whereabouts despite protests and flurry of diplomatic pressures, has raised fears that these detainees have also joined the list of the brutal regime’s casualties. With pressures mounting left and right, the Jammeh is forced to produce these people in court. The pressures have started bearing fruits. These innocent Gambians would have also disappeared had Ousainou Darboe remained aloof. His bravery act has brought about the beginning of a Gambia where citizens have put behind fear and claim their bonafide political and civic right to vent their grievances through peaceful protest.

Kairo News has gathered that the four produced detainees have been severely tortured by Yahya Janmeh’s security officers licensed to kill. These innocent protesters appeared to be in serious pain meted out on them by a regime that can torture and kill its citizens at will but its officials lack the balls to come clean on what happens.

It is breathe-taking to learn that these peaceful protesters are alive but it is not known the effect of torture on their health or general wellbeing.

Still the Gambia government remains silent on the fate of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, the UDP Organising Secretary who led a group of two dozen Gambians to publicly demand for electoral reforms. Sandeng was tortured to death, with the state refusing to hand over his remains to the family for a decent Muslim burial. The Gambia government’s fears lie on the backlash that follows hence the silence to allow time to heal the wounds.




  1. This still reiterates the fact to the Gambia and the international community, the need of urgency in the state of Gambia’s nationhood. It is a hostaged nation. It is inappropriate to call these people ‘political prisoners’ in my view if not ‘political hostages’. It looks to one like if what is called ‘government’ in the Gambia are some kind of organised, heartless and non-citizen criminals. Playing the ‘Human cards’ is the worst losses the criminal will incur at the end of his day.
    Appreciation for all the sacrifices undertaken by these dear mothers and these gentlemen cannot be over-emphasised as Solo Sandeng still goes missing.

  2. “Slow but sure, always wins the race”….

    The message has gotten home; No retreat, no surrender; the march to freedom continues unabated; to the ultimate conclusion; to total liberation of Gambia….

    Everyone kidnapped must all be accounted for, alive or dead….

    The inevitable end is almost here; sooner; Insha Allah…..

    Long live the Gambia…..

  3. Alhamdu liLaahi Rabil aalameen.

    We thank our Lord for his mercy in sparing their lives.

    We ask that the criminal enterprise in Bjl account for the rest.

    May Allah’s curse be on whoever is involved in their suffering. Amen.

  4. Exactly Ggamp; it couldn’t have been said better….

    When bunch of treason committing murderous criminals accidentally finds themselves at helm of our affairs of State; fleecing & sucking on our bloods & souls to thrive….

    There are universally accepted ‘redlines’ politically; like in this instance, & others before; which when crossed, are incumbent & the collective responsibilities of the various opposition leaderships; who are to lead for massive actions together with the parties; NO MATTER whatever their individual partisan differences, which are always healthy situation for alternatives in politics; & for the general population to follow suit unanimously; as in any situations, acceptance of leadership, world over & Gambia inclusive, comes with responsibilities & sacrifices, whenever & wherever necessary….

    Pathetically, in the Gambia today, we have selfish egocentric politicians who will rather see more innocent blood spilled as long as it doesn’t affect any of them directly; & when the end product isn’t theirs to take alone; but WHO in the Gambia, IF AT ALL ANY, can ever claim that total liberation & reinstatement of tranquillity, rules of law & equal justice, which is the brainchild of the demonstration started with the political reforms demonstrators, ISN’T in their own direct benefits, individually & collectively….?

    We all know, including our kanilai Cannibal & Murderous cohorts & elements that, it’s just a matter of time for the total liberation of the motherland; hence these pathetic so-called “leaders” leading from behind, armed with NOTHING but intended selfish partisan aggrandizement ONLY, perceive & see UDP who are politically better positioned ‘government in waiting’, with better intentions for the country, as their presumed REAL enemy, who stands between them & the intended loot….

    The only positive in this, IF AT ALL ANY, is our assumed loss in human lives in this instance, seems less than as feared before; & the fact that those responsible for humanity crimes in Gambia, particularly those partaking & directly participating in committing the treasons are known & their identities are being divulged & vital for prosecutions; certainly WHOSOEVER colluded, participated & aid abet criminality against humans in these DARK-PERIOD of our history, will ALL be held responsible & accounted, for justices & redresses, individually for all victims, & collectively for Gambia & friends….

    Long live the Gambia….