EU Lawmaker Alerts Consequences In Gambia’s Opposition Killings

Hon Martin, second from left after Dr. Janneh

The killing of Solo Sandeng and his colleagues peaceful protesters is seriously taken by the European Union high-ranking lawmaker who insisted there would be severe consequences for the Gambia government. As a result, the EU may boycott the country’s December 1st general elections.

The bloc had unfinished brouhaha with the Gambia government over gross violations of human rights. Instead of addressing its shortfalls, the Jammeh government decided to launch a smear campaign against the EU, misinforming Gambians that the bloc wanted to impose gay rights on a predominantly Muslim nation.

Already, the EU sounded the bell that it may not observe the Gambia’s election, which has the potential of being everything but free, fair, inclusive and peaceful.

“I highly doubt there will be an European Union Mission to observe the election unless there is a dramatic change in the political situation,” Rt. Hon. David Martin, one of the longest UK serving EU parliament member. “The EU cannot endorse an election which has no prospect of being fair, free, inclusive and peaceful,” said Martin who headed several EU Election Observation Missions to countries in Africa and Middle East.

The former Vice President of European Parliament was responding to the concerns of the Glasgow based Campaign for Human Rights In The Gambia (CHRG-UK), following the killing of peaceful protestors calling for electoral reform in The Gambia and the subsequent arrests of the leader of the United Democratic Party, officials and others.

Mr Martin, a member of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, also warned that the death of political activist Solo Sandeng and his colleagues in state custody and the continues human rights abuses committed by the Gambia government against its citizens will have severe consequences for President Jammeh and his government.

“The death of political activists in state custody adds to the long list of human rights abuses committed by the Gambia government against its citizens and such violations have severe consequences. I am concern that these recent arrests are only the beginning of a new repressive campaign against opponents ahead of the December Presidential elections. I support the calls of the United States and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to release the detained prisoners and conduct a through and transparent investigation into the death of Mr Sandeng and his colleagues. The recent crackdown by the Gambia government against opposition figures and human rights activists is a disturbing reversion.”

He pointed out he will seek the support of parliamentary colleagues in the European Parliament from the 28 member states through a parliamentary resolution about the situation in The Gambia.

Alieu Ceesay of the Campaign for Human Rights in The Gambia UK said CHRG will continue to work with European Union in defence of fundamental human rights in The Gambia and thankful to David Martin for his continues support. “The people of the Gambia are been held on their throat by a very vicious dictatorship, president Jammeh and his security forces will be held accountable for the crimes they continue to commit against the Gambian people. These crimes will not go unpunished the long arm of international justice will caught up with those involve and CHRG will continue to push for punitive measures.”




  1. Yankuba Jobe

    Slowly of course, but we will get there by God willing. The Kaninlai born MONSTER is under estimating the forces ready to come for him dead or alive. As he mercilessly tortured Solo Sandeng and the other innocent protesters, Yaya Jammeh will be confronted by all means necessary. We rather die than living constantly under humiliation of someone without even a proper background, whose citizenship is always disputable. The Jollas in the Gambia have not been known to such a monstrous behavior before, why now? Because Yaya Jammeh, the most hypocrite and selfish so called a president has intentional created a great mistrust between the Jollas and their long time allies, the two tribes who inter married from since more than 200 years ago. Therefore, I humbly hereby call all our Jolla brothers and sisters to join this national revolution and fight for injustice, tribalism, nepotism and inequality. We were all economically, educationally and developmentally victims of the previous regime which is PPP, and due to that negligence, Kokoi [RIP] took up Arms and overthrew the PPP Regime, but with all that, they were not alarmed to reform, and now, here we are, the monster Yaya Jammeh has been created. I hope the next regime will think little bit further than their noses and spread the national income of the Gambia fairly equally throughout the country, not only selective Areas, that would be the only way to avoid another Regime change in Banjul. May Allah guide you all?

    • Deyda Haidara

      Yankuba Jobe today I agree with you 1000%

      • Yankuba Jobe

        Deyda, You and me are not enemies, we both share one common enemy which is Yaya Jammeh of Kaninlai, but it was good to agree and disagree when it comes to the national issues. Above all, I have nothing personally against you or anyone else, and I’m fully aware of the grievances of the Gambians. May peace, unity and love remain within us. Ameen.

        • Deyda Haidara

          Thanks Yankuba, when truth is told I will agree, I will also never condone falsehood.
          Yes we need to unite and fight Jammeh out.