Defiant Darboe Returns To Mile II; He Insists “Produce My Supporters Dead Or Alive”

UDPThe Leader of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) would not entertain arguments concerning his bail application in court today. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe insisted the state must produce all those arrested on April 14th, including Solo Sandeng.

UDP2IMG-20160425-WA0000Mr. Darboe and 36 other co-accused persons have been slapped six counts, including organising a protest without a permit.

Lawyer Darboe maintained that his release would be meaningless if his supporters were still unaccounted for. The lawyer politician said it would be immoral for him to go home and enjoy the comfort of his family when other people’s parents and children are missing and the state remains mute.

The Gambia government is yet to produce any of the missing April 14th protesters or come plain on what might have happened to them. The missing detainees are Solo Sandeng, Fatoumatta Jawara, Nogoi Njie and Modou Ngum.

From day one, the UDP leader was prepared to take the bullet for the long oppressed Gambians to regain their freedom. Darboe had prepared his family’s mentality, and remains in high spirit, despite difficult conditions at the Mile II prison.

Mr. Darboe wanted his party supporters to remain calm and law-abiding throughout.



  1. Mr lawyer Darboe is the best and worth son of The Gambia . As I read his story every day , I cry and pray for him , entire executive of UDP and the supporters . My respect and love for him has increased one billion times . He is a true patriot . A man of God , peace and justice . He is an exemplary to the best angels of Gambian characters . I am very proud of him . Thank you for standing up for justice , peace and rule of law .,

  2. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Inspirational Stuff – tingles down the spine.

    “Mr. Darboe wanted his party supporters to remain calm and law-abiding throughout.”

  3. Lawyer Darboe is a true leader who will stand for Gambians in thick and thin. It is therefore important for all Gambians to unify and fight for the total removal of Yaya Jammeh from power. All political detainees should be free forthwith and compensated including the ones killed by the dictator’s henchmen.

  4. Congratulation mr Darboe u are the hero u stand for ur country.

  5. I’m starting to be fearful for the lives of all the four comrades, Ebrima Solo Sandeng, Fatoumata Jawara, Nogoi Njie & Momodou Ngum; the deaf-mute about their welfare from the Autocratic kanilai Maniac Fiefdom points to something yet to be ascertained…..

    Why isn’t the mercenary judge ordering for them to be produced alive or dead….?

    No amount of feet dragging & time buying can make Gambians & friends relent in our God given obligations to reclaim the country; & ensure justice prevails for all the comrades, persecuted, kidnapped, tortured, maimed, disappeared or killed….

    Long live the Gambia….

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      “Why isn’t the mercenary judge ordering for them to be produced alive or dead….?”

      Indeed Bajaw, but to be fair to the judge, there may be no Habeas Corpus (“produce the body”) Application before the judge. The judge cannot, of his own volition, say “produce the body”. Someone has to make such an application. The judge is so far fair: remember he ruled that Darboe and Co must not be kept in solitary confinement and that they must be put in the Remand Section of Mile 2. The judge has not had a chance to consider the bail application at all as yet. Let us wait and see.

  6. I am proud of all our opposition leaders and I make no distinction between them. I may agree with some and disagree with others, but I do not doubt their resolve to challenge the system until it is defeated.

    I know their strategies may be different because they are different, in what they wish to achieve and how they wish to achieve it, but their love and readiness to sacrifulice for The Gambia is unquestionable…

    The Hon.Lawyer Darboe is the one in the spotlight today, and rightly so, but I am certain that he will be the first person to acknowledge the efforts of his colleagues in the opposition.

    Good comments, so far…That’s how it should be. Bravo Max and janjanbureh.

    • please Bax , make a distinction between them once again. you have already made the distinction which is why you never supported Darboe. Lawyer Darboe has been in spotlight since you were a baby lol. He has been defending innocent Gambians since first regime and will continue to do so till the end of his life . can you say the same about your boss? The fake opposition leaders are exposed . They should simply resign and apologize to Gambians for wasting our time , resources and deceiving us. what is your strategy other than writing unsummarized and disjointed ideas to the Dictator. please join UDP now.

  7. God bless and protect this man of ideology with pragmatism. A country with a state of nothingness really needs men like Hon. Ousainou Darboe. A genuine action like his, demonstrates what a stack of cutting edge construction of words couldn’t.
    Good things going on the ground@Lafia,……………..Weh ya say man? long time nuh hear from yu.

  8. May Allah bless and protect our hero freedom fighters lawyer Darboe and co. We salute you guys and Allah will be always your side and pleases with you because you guys are fighting the 21st tyrant oppressor Dictator monster YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH and his ruthless ungodly security services men and women; some of them but not all the security services people. Lawyer Darboe and co plus we the supporters, now is the best time to engage on prayer against dictator tyrant monster YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH. Our beloved prophet Muhammad ( saw ) said those who are oppressed, their prayers are always answered. So lawyer darboe and co plus all of us, we are being oppressed by Dictator monster tyrant retard YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH for 21 good years, let’s turn to Allah with tears and ask him to lift off this oppressing and hardship and remove this idiot dictator monster tyrant unbeliever YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH from power and take him to ICC.

  9. Ok Luntang-Dida; he better be impartial; for the whole world is watching & following; with the manipulative tactics set at play, sooner or later it will reach to that application point….

    These so-called judges have been remotely controlled many a times; doing disservices & injustices to the innocents dragged into these kangaroo proceedings…

    The whole world stands by our comrades & Gambians at these trying times & critical juncture; an err in law & judicious dispensation on this sitting judge’s path spells consequences……

    Long live the Gambia…..