UDP Leader Takes On Gender Activists

image-627cc188bcc259b1b378cdd5e4ce8aa7b8a75b08a4b26c8a585a25eacae27c6e-VThe woman managing the leadership of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has protested against inhumane and brutal torture of peaceful opposition protesters, particularly vulnerable women. Yam Secka, the UDP deputy Secretary General, abhorred the tortures meted out on the party’s executive female members: Fatoumata Jawara, Nokoi Njie and Fatou Camara.

Mrs Secka vented her anger at the High Court in Banjul on Thursday where the party leadership, including Secretary General Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, were arraigned.

She wanted to know the position of the Gambia’s vocal women’s or gender rights activists with regard to the tortures of their fellow women. Yam Secka called on women groups and activists to avoid selective protection in their campaign. She saw no reason why these groups and activists are keeping mute about violence against innocent young women political activists. Their long silence on such a horrible story  is inexcusable.

Gambian gender activists have always decried about lack of women political leaders. The UDP’s election of more women in influential leadership position was not publicly praised or appreciated by Gambian gender activists who issued President Yahya Jammeh for banning female genital mutilation.



  1. No money is there for them as opposed to campaigning against female circumcision, damn self-centred hypocrites.

  2. We all salute your selfless determination Madam Secka; we are all in this together; which heartless Devil, except the kanilai Devilish Dracula, will choose to capture, much more torture a woman; it just can remind us of Adolf Hitler’s gas chambers…

    The manipulative kanilai Idolat-Worshipping Cannibal pretentiously banned female circumcision, NOT for the negative health implications but for politicking purposes ONLY, to cavort favours from the gender activists & international community….

    The recent events have pushed the Murderous pretending-brave-coward yaya jammeh to the edge; Mauritania just sent their foreign minister & have offered it asylum & escape route….

    If anyone is in doubt, the Gambian struggle is here to stay & continue, & NO relenting, UNTIL TOTAL liberation…

    True Gambians & friends will continue NO matter what; the total liberation of our country means all it takes, by all & any means necessary…..

    Long live the Gambia…..

  3. Some of them can be very militant when it comes to talking down on our cultures claiming they been uncivilized and bad for women and girls and here you have women been arrested, beaten and possibly abused and no public word in support of their fellow women….