ECOWAS Report On Gambia Smells The Unknown

Activities and Statements of HE Macky SALL Chairman of ECOWASA statement issued by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission on The Gambia government’s use of excessive force against armless, peaceful protesters depicts the regional grouping knows what is yet to be known to many Gambians. This is evidenced by the fact that the Commission is extending “its deep condolences to the families of the deceased persons.” It called on Gambian authorities to shed light on the circumstances that led to the recent unfortunate event. This statement is simply telling, especially in the absence of five of Thursday’s protesters in court last night. Is ECOWAS is telling us these people are dead? If so, what is the toothless Commission’s next move against a President who is hellbent on liquidating everyone to save his crown?

ECOWAS admitted the fact that the peaceful protest “is marked by the arrest, detention and death of some opposition leaders following demonstrations advocating political reforms prior to the presidential election scheduled to hold election in December 2016.”

The regional bloc officials know they are dealing with a belligerent leader who thinks it’s either his way or the way. A leader who disregards ECOWAS Court verdicts and gets away with it! Talking soft to such a leader makes no sense because that is not the language he understands. A bully fears no one but a fellow bully.  Is it therefore sensible for the ECOWAS to simply state that “the consolidation of peace and stability in The Gambia can only result from a consensual, inclusive and nationally-owned process and respect for constitutional order.”

Another weak part of the ECOWAS statement is an appeal to “political stakeholders including opposition members and civil society organizations to display a profound sense of civic responsibility and patriotism in the exercise of their civil rights to peaceful assembly.” We all know the only problem is the Aggressive Brutal Dictator – not even the ruling Alliance for Patriotic, Re-orientation and Construction party most of whose members have been embarrassed by their leader’s repression.

We support the Commission’s line, calling on the government “to ensure the freedom of expression and strict adherence to the rule of law and the principles of human rights.” We doubt whether this appeal couple with another calling on “Gambian security forces to put up a republican comportment and refrain from the use of any form of excessive force while maintaining law and order” will be honoured. The problem lies with a Dictator who has total control over security forces. They are like his babies who are flipped whenever he wishes.

We concur with ECOWAS Commission’s readiness to support authorities and Gambians for a peaceful resolution of the crisis. Another questions that comes to mind is how is that done when the drum of justice remains silent? The coward government and its leadership are sitting on the drum, so how can it be beaten?



  1. I am disappointed with ECOWAS for referring to our country as “The Islamic Republic” when they are not aware of any referendum changing the name of our country.

    As a regional body, they should have known the constitutional processes required for a change of a country’s name and should be fully informed that no such process had been fulfilled. Why then are they referring to The Gambia as Islamic Republic??

    How would a government that shamelessly and unconstitutionally took such a step respect ECOWAS when it is complying and using such changes which were merely done by a verbal proclamation.

    With such criminals and Albi’s like Edward Singhateh at it’s helm, what more could we expect???

    • Gambia, this shows you know NOTHING about diplomacy and the constitution you always claim to know. The appellation of the Islamic word is the prerogerative of the executive, even if he wants, he can call it the republic of MONKEYS and send a diplomatic note to that effect to foreign governments and diplomatic missions and they will address the country as such. It is simply like changing the name Saer Jobe Avenue to Bulibuli mansa dungeon…lol
      Secondly to have Islamic laws as the law of land requires referendum.
      OK next time before opening your PDOIS mouth to only concentrate on just one word in the ECOWAS communique instead addressing its contents will make you a novice of a tiny political party.

  2. Deyda, you don’t deserve my response on dis. But for the knowledge of your likes, Section 1 of the Gambian constitution says: “The Gambia is a Sovereign Secular Republic”.

    In case you do not know, this is an entrenched clause that can only be amended in a referendum that has over 50% of the electorates voting with 75% yes.

    You claim to be old, so I expect that you would know this very first section of our constitution. Its a shame that its the contrary.

  3. Hydara , do not waste your valuable time with these confused and ignorance disciples who cannot think for themselves . They have loud mouth with poisonous agenda and they are the reasons we are still in this mess . These are agent of legitimizing dictatorship . They are cowards and dishonest citizens who used their pen to pretend they care about the Gambian people plight but looking at their history , they never truly care . Their mode of operation is based on self- righteousness and mystification . Pdois do not stand for nothing that will bring democracy and rule of law in The Gambia . Their confused disciples are like prostitutes who must depend on their customer to make a living and that chief customer is mr sallah . They will continue to be neutral in every efforts as long as it is not originally from their master and their master will not support any idea as long as it is not his idea . They continue to arrogantly showcase their political awareness but the reality is that they are ignorant citizens who lack political awareness. They will give endless and incoherent excuses / explanation to justify their points . They are blind to the truth as long as their perceive truth is not from their master . These people are more dangerous than ApRc supporters because at Least we know who those people support and what they stand for . Can anyone truly tell me what pdois stand for apart from writing stupid Letters which has no use to bring democracy in our country . Even in foroyaa newspaper , their paper never ask direct questions confronting this regime . They always ask general questions which can be directed to any government in the world . This is why their paper has never been shut down or attack in the last 22 years and there is no member of pdois who has been attacked or arrested in the past 22 years . Pdois do not have any principle or policy . I once told Bax in this forum that I trust Dida more than him because I know dida sometimes support Jammeh but he is more reasonable and honest than confused disciples . Today we have seen this evidence display in front of our eyes for the past few days . So please do not waste your time with dishonest citizens , the dishonesty is part of their political philosophy which is they never accept the truth and always believe that they are always right .

    • Max…

      You have to show and demonstrate that you are a civilized person who can take part in mature debates/discussions, taking place in an adult space, if you want to be taken seriously and respected…

      Stop behaving like a spoilt child who throws tantrums whenever his wishes are not granted, Or a big playground bully who `tries to bully everyone into submission…It will not work on this forum, so grow up and accept divergence, tough as it may be for you.

      You do not have a greater stake in The Gambia than any Gambian, even those who support Yaya Jammeh. Express your points of view and support and align yourself with those that share your views, but respect the rights of others to hold different views.

      And be careful when you make statements about others because they can be challenged and shown to be false.

      In the last 22 years :

      – the PDOIS has had their convoy attacked in Foni by APRC youths;

      – An attempt was made by the AFPRC, to shut Foroyaa down, through prosecution for publishing banned political organ.

      – Also, a Foroyaa reporter was arrested and prosecuted for “insulting Yaya Jammeh” when he asked an APRC militant to paste Jammeh’s picture in the sky.

      – Mr Halifa Sallah was arrested, detained and prosecuted when he stood up for the victims of the witch hunting…

      So it is not difficult to rubbish your claims about the last 22 years and show who is guilty of FALSE PROPAGANDA .

      • Lafia Touray la Manju

        Bax, the case against Halifa in respect of the witch-hunt was withdrawn be the state before it was even mentioned.

    • Thanks Maxs, we need them to gauge the level of consciousness and patriotism of some of our people. Thank GOD we have the knowledge and the stamina to rectify them and put the records straight for the general masses to see.
      We will teach them and hopefully they will graduate to the 21st century.