President Sall Told To Contain Jammeh

Senegalese activist has called on his country’s President to organise an extra-ordinary summit of West African Heads of State to provide an immediate solution to The Gambia government’s use of excessive force.

“We need Macky Sall to convene an extraordinary summit of Heads of State of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to address the Gambian case,” Mamadou Mouth Bane, the Coordinator of Senegal’s Coalition Jubanti. He wanted President Sall to do all it takes to contain his Gambian counterpart whose belligerency has had a spill over effect on Senegal.

President Machky Sall is the current Chair of ECOWAS, a regional grouping that is yet to issue a statement on the latest round of violence on opposition, resulting to death of a key opposition member.

Mr. Bane, who spoke to the Senegalese media this Tuesday, said Gambian crisis deserves “an immediate solution.” He said it was about time President Yahya Jammeh is confronted. In this embedded YouTube video, obtained courtesy Senego TV, Bane said Jammeh’s provocations have become too irritating and disturbing.


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  1. Senegal leadership has made the decision that they will intervene when Jammeh started killing students and top leaders of oppositions but Gambian’s first has to start demonstration or protest to show their desatisfaction. Senegal never like Jammeh but Gambian people first show willingness to confront him . This is why UDP efforts is a game changer . In coming weeks or months we will see major development between these countries which might lead to removable of Jammeh . But the weak and uncooperative small opposition parties are the problem in legitimizing dictatorship . Their timid attitude and self-center is the problem but patriotic Gambian’s will never seek a support or consultation with them to salvage our country from military dictatorship . They will be part of any process post Jammeh .