How Ousman Sonko Insults Gambians

Ousman SonkoEveryone should be asking about the whereabouts of the leader of the opposition United Democratic Party except The Gambia’s Interior Minister. Ousman Sonko puts aside shame, visited Lawyer Ousainou Darboe’s Pipeline home and asked about the detained opposition leader’s whereabouts.

One opposition activist calls Sonko’s inquiry “a painful insult on Mr. Darboe’s family and Gambians in general.” Was it not Ousman Sonko’s Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers who arrested Lawyer Darboe and five of his executive members as they held peaceful protest on Saturday? “Sonko had the audacity to bring two gun-wielding soldiers along with him,” a competent source tells Kairo News. “The soldiers threatened Dembo Bojang, UDP’s National President during a quarrel.”

Ousman Sonko’s action had contradicted the statement of The Gambia’s Information Minister Sheriff Bojang who confirmed to BBC Focus on Africa that Mr. Darboe and others were in state custody.

What is Ousman Sonko’s intention or that of The Gambia, is one’s guess because he ordered the PIU not to allow a group of concerned lawyers – Antouman Gaye, Hawa Ceesay-Sabally and Bory Touray – access to Mr. Darboe and co?

Whatever The Gambia government’s intention is best known to them but let them understand that The Gambia will never be the same if Mr. Darboe and co have disappeared. A government that arrest and detain cannot claim to have no knowledge of those under its custody. Mr. Darboe and co cannot disappear like Chief Manneh or Kanyiba. No government goes through that route and gets away with it. Despite all odds, President Yowerri Museveni of Uganda does not have the courage to disappear or kill his main rival Dr. Kizza Besigye.

President Jammeh must understand that the whole world is focusing microscope on his bloodthirsty government that is notorious for inflicting tortures, disappearances and carrying out executions. Therefore, your handling of this case will determine not only your fate but that of the country you have been ruling with iron fist.

We leave you with the old saying that you should look before you leap.




    A bastard will be slaughtered together with jammeh. Wait and see.

  2. Where does ousman sonko and yankuba badjie live? who are their wives and kids name…what schools do they attend in ..what kind of cars do they drive ….number plate please….?

  3. If any Gambian knows the phone numbers of any senior leaders in the government or top military officers who help Jammeh to kill Gambians , please publish their numbers and contact details . We need to know where they live with their families .

  4. It is about time we start to identify the families of Ousman Sonko and others so that we start excuting those people inorder to revenge. I am telling you that it is your turn, I mean your families…

  5. Ousman DOG Sonko lives in Banjulinding; one of the wives’ called Amie Ndong who is one of the mercenary elements in NIA; they are all tangible targets for their participation in collusive murderous oppression of Gambians & humanity crimes….

    Ousman cowardly went with the gun wield escorts because he knows, will be lynched should he go alone; Evil DEVIL yaya jammeh & murderous cohorts all knows, individually ordinary citizens will cut their frontal-tails inside their trousers should they brave to face us without the guns….

    Ousman went to Ousainou’s home deliberately, to provoke a reaction to know what line of action UDP is contemplating to do next, which could be let out by the gallant comrades in the heat of words exchanges; the Murderous Oppressive kanilai FIEFDOM now knows apart from preemptive kidnappings, their so-called intelligence isn’t anything worthy……

    There aren’t any denials that our gallant comrades are in their hands; & the repercussions are equally in weights, should anything further happens to them…..

  6. Amie Ndong is from Gunjur Kombo; her family resides in Ndong Kunda by the primary school; they all are genuine potential targets….


    For once please, reserve & redirect your valuable energy & noble contributions where it matters all, at this material moment….

    Nelson Mandela, e.g. & rest of comrades, wouldn’t have been alive to contribute enormously, to enable successful toppling of apartheid, if they were to be on grounds for all times in confrontational circumstances…..

    Everybody truly interested in liberation struggle, have parts to play wherever you may be….

    The Gambia has been & provided for us all until this day; every honest genuine Gambians & friends know, you a truthful citizen engaged in salvage reclaim struggle for Gambia only, regardless of whoever comes in after toppling the inhumane Murderous Fiefdom….

    Leave the “who gets what” detractors, only playing along for selfish partisan gains, despite Gambia being their for all, still engaged in manipulative manoeuvres, ridiculing what’s truly national catastrophe, to be answered by their own hopelessness…..

    Then Mandela, may God reward him & us all, could be easily mistaken for cowardice….?

  7. It is very worrying that the Interior Minister would take such an action, given the record of this government and it is right that the public is notified and all should be vigilant…Emotions online, whether on discussion fora or chat shows, are very charged (and this is understandable), but voices of reason must continue to prevail and call for a sensible, realistic and formidable response to Gambia’s political and governance crisis.

    The demand for electoral reforms is a National Issue and it must be approached as such.Gambians have a right and duty to demand reforms (and we will) but, in my view, it must be done orderly and within the bounds of the same law that grants us the right to bonafide citizenship. Some may disagree with this view, but I think people who ask others to respect the law and the rule of law, must themselves show respect to that law, to have any moral authority to make such demands.

    It is being reported that OJ has released a statement indicating his preparedness to negotiate with the “devil” to ensure that The Gambia remains stable and “peaceful”. I think that is one possible route that should be pursued, rather than insults and accusations of cowardice being hauled at him, for not taking to the streets.

    It is also important that we prevail upon younger position holding members of political parties, that they should not take unilateral political decisions without first consulting with, and getting the consent and blessings of, their party leaderships. We very much want the younger generations to take leadership, but we should not encourage them to start off by taking actions that seem to undermine the current leaders.

    Politics is not a game, where one player can ignore his team mates and go for glory alone. Politics is serious, and when your opponent is one who has vowed to kill you and has demonstrated his readiness and propensity to kill before, confronting him without the numbers to overwhelm his evil forces, is to turn oneself into a “lamb to the slaughter”, because he will carry out his threats, if he does not feel threatened.

    Gambians have a right to demand reforms, but if we want to confront Yaya Jammeh, we cannot do so with 40 or 150 people…We must be ready to come out in force and stay out until Jammeh succumbs to our demands, whether that is calls for reforms or for him to step down…Let us understand that we may have access to the media to express our views but we should show respect to those who are on the ground and working to resolve this situation. Hurling insults at whoever does not oblige to our idea of struggle for change will do very little to solve the situation.

    I don’t usually apologise for my views but I will do so now and apologise if I have hurt anyone’s feelings.

    • Bax , I think it is better you shut up your mouth because anytime you utter a word , you say a worst thing than the previous one . Your blame of the protesters who took a bold and courageous decision to fight for electoral reforms without consultation with UDP leadership is indeed unpatriotic and stupid argument to put forward at this moment . It is indeed a clear stupidity , disingenuous , hypocritical and dishonesty on your part to blame those who has exercised their constitutional rights of peaceful protest . Once again I would encourage you to keep your mouth shut until such a time when you are able to use your damn brain to think properly and wisely . We do not need any stupid negative propaganda . If you care about The Gambia ,contribute to Gambia democracy fund @

      We need positive talk at this moment , but a stupid blame game or whatever is the best plan you think of is irrelevant at this moment . As I always tell you whether you want to acknowledge it or not , true and patriotic Gambians will always put their lives on the line to salvage the country . Today it is UDP and tomorrow it will be someone else until the tyrant is gone . There will be failures and tribulations but that is going to serve as a motivation for our people to get rid of Jammeh . We know we are dealing with the tyrant . Next time there is an attack , the head of the snake must be chopped off . I hope you get that in your naive and thick brain .

      • “Bax , I think it is better you shut up your mouth….”

        Though this is not the nicest way to give advice, I will take heed and vacate this forum until common sense returns..

        I am happy to note, however, that Kaironews, contrast to views expressed on its pages, has distinguished itself from the rest, due to the quality of its presentation…

        Yes, we want Jammeh to go, but we don’t want the country to go with him…

        Thank you Kaironews for sensible and responsible journalism…


        • Bax,

          We are sorry to hear that any member of this forum is quitting. We deeply regret it. Let’s focus on issues at stake instead of throwing mud at each other. Kairo News wants all of you to feel at home. We deeply value your invaluable contribution in this forum. We have taken note of your concern and will assure you that our moderators will ensure that commonsense prevails. We May have difference of opinions which can be relayed with civility. One Gambia, One People, One Nation.

          • Luntango Suun Gann Gi


            I think my in-law added ” … until common sense returns…” He has been an Elder of this forum long enough to know that at an appropriate moment no one would object to his “anti-emotionalism” statement. Maxs offending “shut-up” is uttered in the heat of the moment and I am sure my in-law fully understands that.

        • Bax a real politician should always expect the unexpected in real politik. Never give up for a noble OBJECTIVE…keep up the stamina and do not listen to your heart.

      • Maxs, I concor with you with the fact that Solo Sandeng as a sovereign citizen has the right to protest for what is right and I am Solo Biko Sandeng.
        However Maxs a real politician should always expect the unexpected in real politik. Never give up for a noble OBJECTIVE…keep up the stamina and do not listen to your heart.

    • Bax in such a situation you describe as such “Politics is not a game, where one player can ignore his team mates and go for glory alone. Politics is serious, and when your opponent is one who has vowed to kill you and has demonstrated his readiness and propensity to kill before, confronting him without the numbers to overwhelm his evil forces, is to turn oneself into a “lamb to the slaughter”, because he will carry out his threats, if he does not feel threatened. The the only solution is “The silent majority who are equally disgusted with the dictatorship will not venture out for various reasons that we will not waste our time to enumerate here. The masses only join the streets and protest when there is commotion, fires, stones and street guerilla hit and run tactics, and disperse and ambush tactics meted out on the security force as well as blocking the streets to prevent them from moving from place to place. In such a scenario the masses will always participate FULLY and provide support, stones and burning tires and creating roadblocks and demoralizing and de-energizing the security forces with insults and tactical diversions. This is the ONLY stage that attracts mass movements and involvements. In such a scenario the security cannot target, beat or arrest anyone for they will be more concern about their very own lives as the popular mass ACTIONS intensifies nationwide. This is exactly what took place in Burkina Faso for 5 days forcing Blaise Compaore to flee the country. In such scenario you will always have patriotic security forces that would decide to turn their guns against the dictator, arrest him or provide his exit and prepare for a transitional government.
      Thank you

  8. Words cannot express my feelings to what is happening on Gambia.

  9. Lawyer Oussainu Mandela Darboe and the executive UDP should refuse to take the detainees and children home without Yaya Jammeh accepting the Electoral Reform Demands that made Solo Steeve Biko Sandeng to lay his honorable and heroic life for electoral reforms. PERIOD.