Darboe Refuses To Go Home Unless…


Darboe-Promises-a-Formidable-New-Leader-For-UDPelement78Gambian police had earlier today offered to release the detained leader of the United Democratic Party and hold the rest of political detainees. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe promptly and unequivocally rejected the offer, calling it “immoral and repugnant.” Mr. Darboe insisted he would only go home provided all political detainees were released. Lawyer Darboe’s demand, shared by majority of Gambians, was one of the reasons there was a peaceful protest march on Saturday. All they want is the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners. Gambians also want independent and thorough investigation into violence meted out on unarmed peaceful protesters by security forces. 

Lawyer Darboe on Saturday addressed the press at his Pipeline home, expressing anger over the terror inflicted on peaceful opposition protesters who were arrested only to be brutally tortured, resulting to the death of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, the Organising Secretary of UDP. He also said two of his party’s executive officers – Fatoumata Jawara and Nokoi Njie – were in coma battling for survival. Mr. Darboe asked his party’s leadership to be in the front so they could take bullets for the liberation of a besieged population. Holding each others hands, the leadership had nothing in their hands except Gambian flags. They were chanting on the Kairaba Avenue Road “we want Solo dead or alive, free all political prisoners.”

A paranoid government soon deployed security forces to forcefully disperse the crowd,  teargasing and arresting Mr. Darboe and many others.

Mr. Darboe described Mr. Sandeng as the Steve Biko of The Gambia because he died fughting for Gambians’ freedom. He said Sandeng’s death would arouse the consciousness of Gambian people. As a major opposition party, Mr. Darboe said the onus lies on the UDP to free a nation under tyrannical and impunity yoke.



  1. Indeed Ousainou have won the awe of all genuine patriotic Gambians & friends world over…..

    We all stand with our gallant comrades wherever we may be, all the way; it’s the same divide & rule manoeuvres being played by the Murderous Oppressive kanilai Cannibal…..

    The Devilish COWARD & murderous elements know what will befall them should anything happen to Ousainou…

    Long live the Gambia liberation struggle; the message has gotten home; just matters of time….

  2. Long live UDP and long live The Gambia . Lawyer Darboe is a patriotic Gambia who put his lives for Gambian people . Entire UDP team have demonstrated patriotism . We are proud of them .
    Please support and contribute to Gambia democracy fund @

    We need the money to support our people .

  3. alhagie@yahoo.co.uk

    Darboe u earn the respect of all the genuine respect. I only wish Gambians can have the courage and stand tall and be counted and take their country back from this killer monster. Bravo UDP and Ganbia.

  4. We stand with you Darboe all the way.

    No Retreat No Surrender.

  5. Lawyer Oussainu Mandela Darboe and the executive UDP should refuse to take the detainees and children home without Yaya Jammeh accepting the Electoral Reform Demands that made Solo Steeve Biko Sandeng to lay his honorable and heroic life for electoral reforms. PERIOD.

  6. We are all Lawyer Dabo

  7. No retreat, no surrender. Dictator Jammeh go. This man has been a pain in Gambian people’s neck. Mr. Darboe, Gambian people are behind you 100% and we are ready for better chance.

  8. Sandeng is a hero well done mr Darbo a killer jammeh will be captured soon.