Finally civil disobedience must be the order


In any revolution, there are stages that it must go through. First are the complaints, then, the national and international exposure, then, peaceful protest and marches and finally civil disobedience must be the order of the day to end the revolution.

‘one catapult, stones, and old tires is the next and final stage of the Gambian Revolution.’

Peaceful protest are always reprimanded in blood, torture and killing and that is what we have witness on Thursday 14th April with Late Solo Sandeng and Co. and on Friday 15th April with Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and Co. It is a historical fact that peaceful protest alone will not change a dictator in any country around the world including the latest one that took place against Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso. The next stage of the revolution therefore to have the detainees released and have the country back to freedom is to move to the higher and last stage and that is civil disobedience.

In a protest peaceful march under a dictatorship it is only the brave men and women that are ready to face repression with all the risk involved that take to the streets. The silent majority who are equally disgusted with the dictatorship will not venture out for various reasons that we will not waste our time to enumerate here. The masses only join the streets and protest when there is commotion, fires, stones and street guerrilla hit and run tactics, and disperse and ambush tactics meted out on the security force as well as blocking the streets to prevent them from moving from place to place. In such a scenario the masses will always participate FULLY and provide support, stones and burning tires and creating roadblocks and demoralizing and de-energizing the security forces with insults and tactical diversions. This is the ONLY stage that attracts mass movements and involvements. In such a scenario the security cannot target, beat or arrest anyone for they will be more concern about their very own lives as the popular mass ACTIONS intensifies nationwide. This is exactly what took place in Burkina Faso for 5 days forcing Blaise Compaore to flee the country. In such scenario you will always have patriotic security forces that would decide to turn their guns against the dictator, arrest him or provide his exit and prepare for a transitional government.

For the records, the media have done their jobs over the years and have exposed the dictator beyond redemption. The Civil Rights activists have done their job in constantly demonstrating against the dictator all over the world. The Civil rights Lobbyists have done a great job in blocking the international financial sources of the dictator and crippling his economy. The politicians at home are now doing a greater job in facing the dictator’s security forces with all the inherent atrocities meted out to them. Now is the time to move to the final stage by engaging in mass civil disobedience with FIRE, STONES and street fighting and roadblocks until the dictator succumb through his own security apparatus who would finally make the HISTORIC move to take on the very dictator they are ask to protect by repressing their own people for his sadist individual interest.

In a civil unrest situation, small groups of five to ten people suffice to hold a neighborhood unreachable by security forces. Armed with petrol, stones and burning tires, they will give the biggest headache to the security movement.

These actions MUST be done simultaneously all over the country, from Banjul to Koina, from Barra to Amadalai to Farafeny Kaur and Janjangbureh.

Neighborhood Youths do not need to move to other neighborhoods for actions, the greater the spread of the actions and fires the more effective it will be to freedom against arrest. This is exactly what Burkinabe youths did for 5 days until the State Guards and Soldiers historically decide to finally free the country from 27 years of Blaise Compare’s iron fist rule of the country. Such will be the Gambia’s course to FREEDOM.

Youths of the Gambia, the time is now, get your liter of petrol, your stones, your old tires and go for ACTION. The soldiers will after some days of unrest turn their guns to the DICTATOR and finally free the country of dictatorship.

The Gambian Revolution is on course and is ripe for the highest and final stage to rid the country of Yaya Jammeh and the re-establishment of rule of law and democracy.

Long Live the Gambian Revolution.

Long Live the UDP Executive.

Long Live Solo Sandeng and ALL other Gambians, that laid their lives for our freedom.

Long Live the Youths of the Gambia who will move to create the condition for the Patriotic Security Forces to finally STRIKE the final blow to free the country of Yaya Jammeh’s iron grip.

May Allah GOD the Almighty inspire and give us the strength to free ourselves from bondage for GOOD.

Deyda Haidara.

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  1. Hydara, the Dictator’s days are numbered. He is cowardly hiding in Kanilai. The final stage will come this coming days, weeks or months. people should rise up while disgraceful leaders will join the people when it is clear to them this is people revolution. Long live UDP. Long live The Gambia. Jammeh is wanted dead or alive. The struggle continue, this criminal leader must be killed or removed by any means necessary. This is the year to make that happen.

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