Police Arrests Peaceful Protesters

Alkali ContehEarlier in the day we got news that some Gambian youths staged a peaceful civil protest at westfield, Kanifing area. After 1 hour or so, the police PIU [Police Intervention Unit] came on the scene and forcefully arrested some 20 protesters.
These protesters come from different political background and their demands are very simple and legitimate. Such as Electoral and political reforms.

Bearing in mind that peaceful protest/demonstrations is guaranteed by Gambian secular constitution. We therefore demand the unconditional release of all the protesters arrested.

We also urge the authorities to respect the Constitutional rights of those arrested and this includes the non-use of torture and other inhumane treatment. We understand that some of the men and women arrested are elderly and they may have medical conditions.

They are only passonate about seeing a Gambia that follows international norms and standards. And the women particularly should all be release immidiately. Since they do not pose any risk or threat to the security of the state. Finally we urge the authorities to desist from their usual use of force to disperse a peaceful assembly of Gambians. The world is watching the Gambia.
Sign by Alkali Conteh


  1. This is balant abuse of the constitutional rights of peaceful protesters . We will hold Jammeh and his gang of criminals accountable for human rights abuses these protesters continue to face while in detention . They must be Freed now . Opposition leaders and Gambian population must join forces with these protesters to ensure that electoral reforms is implemented before election. Anything different from that , is simply hand over victory to tyrant who continue to kill our people on daily basis . No more fear and no amount of intimidation will resolve or subdue the power of people . Gambian military , police and NIA must know that it is the Gambian taxpayers who pay your salary . Security force ‘s support and loyalty must be pledged or given to the people of The Gambia and the constitution . History has shown that Dictators has one common strategy and that is bring division and fear among the people . History will Judge these protesters kindly as they fought for democracy and rule of law . This election will determine whether we want to continue on the path of self destruction as a nation or we want to transform the direction of our country . This is the beginning of long and resilient fight that opposition parties must engage to ensure that there is effective electoral victory .

  2. alhagie@yahoo.co.uk

    After listening to Pa Nderry and his cabal of idiots i can’t help it but scratch my head. If Pa Nderry cannot convince his own parents and family to disown jammeh and join the opposition, what the hell he’s calling UDP members cowards. Getting rid of jammeh, is a fight for all Gambians but not a single group, opposion or a person. Its a collective call for national duty.

  3. Sadly this is the reality in our motherland; where a criminal cum-minister in services of the Manipulative kanilai Killer-DEVIL was recently quoted at the African Centre for Democracy & Human Rights congress saying the kanilai Fiefdom safeguards human rights…..

    You tend to wonder if any of these hand in glove devilish disciples got any humanity in them at all….

    My reserved opinion for the way forward is reforms or no elections; realistic Gambians will continue to serve truth & humanity on the grounds & wherever we may be, in any ways, shapes or forms….

    The whole world stands by the peaceful protesters; our Murderous kanilai DEVIL & mercenary elements in services must know the day of reckoning is just round the corner; nothing can stop that…..

    It’s pathetic that instead of sticking together for communal salvage for all, some are bent on manipulative selfish aggrandizement manoeuvres & whatever reasons be known, when clearly the public dormitory is on fire….

    The struggle will go down to wire no matter whatever is strewn on the way to glory…..

  4. We Gambians should stop blaming each other, especially opposition party. We need to unite and put our party and tribal difference aside.