UDP Militants Chants: Step Down

A longer and more clear video of UDP Serrekunda entry. Some older people walked all the way from Latrikunda to Westfield without realising the body ache that will come later. The demands are growing for a peaceful resistance. “Let Unity prevail because Yahya Jammeh is finished,” one observer told Kairo News.

madraAmong the people who called Kairo News to damn President Jammeh was an Islamic teacher. “Jammeh cannot deceive us with his so-called Islamic Republic ambitions; he cannot deceive us by dishing out money. We are sick and tired of his never-ending nonsense.”

Most people are bracing up for a day when all Gambians will unite and take to the streets to force Dictator Jammeh out of power just like Blaise Campoare of Burkina Faso. The momentum is already built – all we need is to unite for a common purpose of getting rid of a system that survives on the blood of innocent, armless Gambians.  With determination, we can move everything, including the mountain.



  1. People power…

  2. Clearly every decent Gambian is sick and tired of this evil and idiotic criminal leading the country for 21 years . People are not fearful anymore in The Gambia . Jammeh is on borrowed time . Jammeh was finished when he started to rape vulnerable members of our society , that is young Gambian girls. The stories highlighted by these vulnerable young girls all over the world in the various embassies , amnesty international and UNHCR , has made our case known that Jammeh is an evil president who should be killed , captured or remove by any means necessary . He has killed , disappeared and illegally imprisoned thousand of Gambian.
    UDP is the only political party with the strengths , capability and support based to significantly effect any political change when they have total support of all the oppositions. This is the truth PDOIS leadership and its supporters continue to deny . Among the Gambian opposition parties , pdois is the only obstacle for the unity . They continue to spread cynicism and false propaganda to create division and self exoneration from blame for the unity we need at this moment . Recently , there was independent Gambians who invited all leaders for talk at tango , every independent and opposition leaders attended the meeting except pdois leadership . This tells us they are not interested as long as the idea is not coming from them or they are not leading . The only thing , mr sallah and his team are good at is to write long , illogical and disjointed ideas and present it to the press so that there would be polarization and confusion. Where in the world , do we see a leader who cannot sit down with his fellow leaders and discuss ideas . Public discussion about the proposed coalition agenda will only yeild sentiment and division . It is indeed very illogical rationale to put such document in public space before any meaningful discussion .Mr sallah needs to go back to college and take leadership and communication 101 so that he will truly understand that his concept about leadership is completely wrong . Recently senator Bernie Sanders had a meeting with president Obama even though it is clear to him that president Obama want Hillary Clinton to be the nominee but they both showed leadership by not engaging in pettiness or pre-empty strike or discuss the outcome of their meeting . Halifa is confused about the role of the party’s communication director and leader . If he think he is the only educated Gambian , time will tell .

    • Max, what is your problem with PDOIS? You seem to be very uncomfortable with PDOIS and Halifa. I will want to advice that you focus on your UDP. Your comments are not helping the opposition and their supporters. This time around we should be directing our energies to see that the opposition parties come together.

      • Mins , I have been following pdois for very long time and I used to support mr sallah but my problem is very simple , we all know that pdois will never win any presidential election in The Gambia , then why are they become an obstacle to salvage the country from military dictatorship . Today the Reason why we cannot come together is because of only one opposition party , that is pdois . Just recently all the opposition parties and independent Gambian citizens met at Tango to discuss about possibility of all opposition coming together , pdois is the only party which didn’t attend . So clearly the problem is with them . This document mr sallah has released to the press , he could have given it to other opposition leaders and talk to them about his ideas . He has released this document to create confusion . I am not a member of UDP but I support them now because they are the only one who can remove Jammeh from power if majority of opposition leaders come to join them . If pdois has the same numerical strength and support , I would support them but they don’t have it . So the common sense is let us all come together to fight the idiot who is killing our people . Halifa sallah releasing countless statements when majority of Gambian’s didn’t know him is completely useless . Pdois Presence is felt only in Wuli where Seedia Jatta has made impact but in serekunda central , mr sallah cannot win there anymore . He won once because UDP didn’t put candidate in that elections . I will support anyone who has the means to remove Jammeh from power dead or alive . If UDP fail this time , I will not support any political party . My focus will be extraconstitutional means .

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Ndeesan! There is this elderly man in the crowd. He is so excited that he doing the shouting, running and jumping like a youth. That’s breaks my heart. There is something about our country that is disturbing him so much to make him take all that trouble. He will certainly be fit for that night but I doubt if he was able to perform the next fajirr prayers

  4. Maxs, Grumbling will not help you in anyway. If any leader wants to lead a Coalition, he/she must accept the terms and conditions of all stakeholders and must not only be popular but must be seen to be popular with the people. The only way to ascertain that is to go to a Primary with all the aspirants and let the masses do the selection. Calling yourself popular but running away from the yardstick to determine it will not be convincing to intelligent people. All parties can say if they get the support from all the parties they can win the election, and who will doubt them. Stop the childishness and concentrate on the facts on the ground. Darboe or UDP got only17% of the votes way back in 2011. Now that we have new aspirants in the field, Democracy dictates that we go to a primary to select one among them who is more popular now not before. You call yourself a democrat but you are denying the people their right to select their leader. You think you know better than them.Your problem is that you have no sincerity in your thick skin but pretends to know everything. You are quoting the US and Bernie Sanders. Clinton could have said there was no reason to have gotten into a Primary because she was popular than everyone else but is she not proving it by getting into it? Saying it and proving it which one is more certain? No amount of cry baby and blame of PDOIS will make all the parties to leave their entities to subsume themselves into UDP, it can only be a merger of all parties to carry out a transition, whether you like it or not. Gambians must now say the Truth to each other.

    • Yero Ba , the problem you have is that you cannot stop making outlandish and ridiculous claims . A primary process has been explained to you and your party but you never get it . So please stop exposing your ignorance . Don’t you know the current political climate in The Gambia ? even in the most advance democracy , A party presidential nominee are selected by the delegates who are officials of the party even after the primary election . Example a candidate may win a particular state in terms of popular vote but may not win all the delegates from that state . In many advance democracies , nomination of presidential candidates are usually done by party officials in consultation with the grassroots but the finally decision is made by the delegates or officials . So stop this obsession with primariy . You have already called pdois selection of mr sallah , a primary and that was not a primary in the first place . We have already debated that . People are telling you that we do not have enough time and resources for the primary because there is military dictatorship in the country . When Ghana and Nigeria want to challenge dictatorship in order to bring democracy in their countries , they do not have any primary at all, so go and study the history of countries where there was successful coalition to bring about democracy . A primary can be detrimental to the party if there is animosity among the various candidates because they would engage in negative campaign . Example , this year republican primary is classic example of that . You need to open up your mind and think for yourself rather than following the garbage you are indocrinated with . Senegal , our closed neighbor were able to bring all opposition parties and civil organizations together to challenge mr Wada who wanted to change the constitution for his selfish interest , there was no primary process and they were able to remove him . So use your brain to connect the dots . It is because of people like you who refused to accept common sense practical solution , that is why we are still in this mess . Your continuous false propaganda is holding any geniune Efforts to bring lasting peace and democracy in our country . You and your party continue to follow illogical , unwilling and uncompromising stand to prevent unity . Tell me where in the world you have seen a primary in a country like ours where we have military dictatorship . Mr sallah has an outdated and unreasonable approach to politics . In this age , people are only interested in what works out for the common interest of the people . In fact , his proposal is not something that can work out in The Gambia . Therefore he is not ready and refused to be part of any coalition . He knows that no one in any opposition party will go to primary election with him , hence he proposed his uncompromising document to exonerate him from any blame from the public . This is the worst thing he can do . I hope he reverse his position but I doubt it because he always belief he is always right . As they said in animal farm , comrade Napoleon is always right , so do mr sallah .