Jammeh Incites Casamance Citizens To Protest Against Border Closure

As the border closure enters its sixth week, the economic repercussions are beginning to be felt across Gambia.

With little chance of negotiations between the two parties taking place anytime soon, further delaying the possibility of a reprieve in the immediate horizon, President Jammeh invited a “large number” of  influential citizens in Casamance to a strategic meeting.

According to our sources, the delegation that was invited to Jammeh’s home village of Kanilia, included village heads (chefs de villages), transporters including truck and bus drivers, mechanics, apprentices etc) to a strategic meeting.  The meeting took place Saturday, April 2nd.

The purpose of the meeting was to entice and encourage attendees to publicly demonstrate against the border closure by blaming President Macky Sall and his government – a government increasingly seen as the main culprit despite that it was Jammeh who unilaterally increased the tariff by 1,000% without consultation or timely notification of the aggrieved party.

Huge sums of money were given to the Casamance visitors by the Gambian dictator to help defray the cost of mobilizing the local population in border towns and neighboring villages against the government of Macky Sall. This latest development is further evidence of how extensive is Jammeh’s meddling in the internal affairs of Senegal.

Culled from www.sidisanneh.blogspot.com


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